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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy

This may be the most important of the “Betrothal” series because it lays a foundation for the subsequent messages. The boyfriend/girlfriend game of our western culture is like an idol. This idol is erected not only in our society, but also in our homes and churches! It is not possible to build an altar to the Lord without first destroying false idols. This message gives little direction in relation to finding a mate, but it destroys the idol so that people are then able to hear God’s truth. The falseness of this philosophy is exposed by the Word of God. It is also exposed by the bad fruit it has produced in the lives of numerous people.

Running time: 85 minutes

Commitment to Purity

Interestingly, the first mention of the word “pure” in the Bible was in relation to the gold on the Ark of the Covenant. This was “pure gold” that covered both the outside AND the inside of the ark. In like manner, purity for youth was clearly meant by God to be BOTH physical (the outside) and emotional (the inside). A proper Biblical goal is for a guy to be a “one woman man” and for a girl to be a “one man woman.” This purity, also like gold, is of great value. Paul instructed youth to be “an purity,” and also to “keep thyself pure.” This DVD gives several things youth can do to keep themselves pure.

Running time: 72 minutes

7 Bible Truths Violated by Christian Dating

For years Dr. Davis preached a message on “Christian Dating,” but when his oldest daughter turned 16 and he took her on her first date, he knew something was wrong. Bible-believing churches for years have warned about worldly dating because of the danger of moral impurity. But I Thessalonians 4 is clear that it is possible to defraud a brother or sister, not only physically, but emotionally as well! Christian families, to be safe, must erect fences that will protect against defrauding in both areas. Here are 7 things Christian dating (and perhaps even what some call Courtship) violates.

Running time: 59 minutes
God's Plan for Finding a Mate

THIS IS THE MESSAGE that tells parents and youth what to do and how to do it to get safely to the marriage altar. Using the stories of Chad and Heidi Eves and Israel and Brook Wayne, Dr. Davis illustrates four key principles that everyone should follow to get to the marriage altar:

  1. Stay asleep or go to sleep in relation to the desire to have a mate or to get married.
  2. Wake up with the leadership of God given authority figures.
  3. Make a decision as much apart from emotion as possible to avoid defrauding
  4. Establish a secure relationship that includes physical purity and the winning of the lady’s heart.

Running time: 69 minutes

Essential Principles for a Sucessful Courtship/Betrothal

Using much Scripture, along with the stories of several couples, Dr. Davis weaves together four essential Bible principles to help people get safely and joyfully to the marriage altar:

  1. 1 - Patience, which is being content with singleness without giving God a deadline when you feel you have to be married. Waiting is not something God does to you. Waiting is a part of God's process to develop you as you head to the marriage altar.
  2. 2 - Preparation, which means you don't consider anyone until you're truly ready for the responsibilities of marriage. A man who is not ready to support a wife is not ready to have a wife.
  3. 3 - Compatibility, which means the couple should be the same in five key areas of life while using the areas where they are different to build and complete one another.  Areas of distinction easily turn into areas of disagreement unless a couple agrees in the key areas. 
  4. 4 - Authority, which means don't do anything without the guidance of authority or against the wishes of authority.
Running Time: 58 minutes
Ruth & Boaz: A Biblical Love Story

The story of Ruth and Boaz is a Biblical love story. It is an unusual, exciting, romantic story of how a beautiful widow lady wound up marrying a strong-charactered, wealthy gentleman.



A key feature of this message is an explanation of the Biblical term “shamedfacedness.” Also described is what a young man should look for in a young lady when thinking about marriage. Fathers and Mothers are also strongly encouraged to HAVE SOME CLEAR PLAN for their family in relation to getting their children to the marriage altar.

Running time: 59 minutes

Avoiding Defrauding in Relationships

God apparently takes very seriously His command in I Thessalonians 4:6 against defrauding. It may be the only command where God promises to carry out vengeance on His own children who do such a thing! Part of the message God is trying to communicate to us is that we must understand the three phases of human life as God Who created them views them. Those phases are "Single" or "Not Betrothed," "Betrothed" or "Espoused," and "Married." Each of these phases has a specific purpose. Phase one serves as a foundation for phase two. Then the first two phases serve as a foundation for phase three. Since most people have not understood God's clear and unique purposes for phase two, they have "despised" Betrothal and tried to keep it out of their lives. This in turn has perverted the "love" that belongs in Betrothal and turned it into "lust" among those who are single. God's method to stop defrauding is to put to death inordinate affections by stabbing or starving them and to establish betrothals, not with courting, but with questions.

Running Time: 80 minutes
Victory Over the Dating Spirit

“Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy” destroys the idol of the Boyfriend/Girlfriend philosophy of our day. “God’s Plan for Finding A Mate” tells families what to do & how to do it to get to the marriage altar.“Victory Over the Dating Spirit” tells how to keep commitments many have already made. A dating spirit is a deceitful thing. It is manifested in a guy or a girl who has made good commitments, but they still allow their hearts to wander emotionally toward some person. Like “Sally Christian,” a girl may give her heart away a piece at a time, until it seems impossible to stand at the marriage altar and give her whole heart to her mate. Here are seven things for parents to do and eight things for youth to do to help reach God’s goal of one serious relationship for life.

Running Time: 66 minutes

Questions & Answers About Betrothal

After giving the messages “Seeds of Disintegration” and “God’s Plan for Finding a Mate,” Dr. S. M. Davis, his wife Rae Jean, and then 16 year old daughter Jeanna answered the people’s following questions:

  • Did you teach this to your girls  when they were small?
  • Do parents go on all “dates” with the betrothed couple?
  • How do you know when a boy is “old enough & mature enough?”
  • How much time does the girl spend with the boy’s family?
  • How will the boy and his family know to pursue the girl without knowing her?
  • What good things do you see about betrothal in
  • relation to the church? To you personally?
  • How do you react when your parents encourage you to work on a character quality?
  • What did your sisters say to you about their betrothal relationships?
  • How will you go about picking your daughters’ mates?
  • How do you explain “no dating” to lost grandparents?
  • Is there a problem with teen girls being too friendly with boys?
  • How do parents win the hearts of their children?
  • Should a daughters’ parents “do nothing”?
  • What do you do when you feel attracted to a boy?
  • What do you look for in a mate?
  • What do you say to a parent who says “You can’t stop kids from liking each other”?
  • What do you do if your child has a bad friend?
  • What does a parent do when he suspects a friend is really more than a friend?
  • How can we continue to give direction to a child when he goes off to college?

Running Time: 75 minutes

10 Timeless Bible Teachings About the Bride Price

This is a timeless message that may help correct whatever wrong custom is being followed to get to the marriage altar in any country in the world. The use of this central Bible truth shows that some countries have moved to the left of God's plan while others have departed to the right. The Bride Price was the first and foremost of three different earthly gifts that are related to marriage. It also intricately ties in with the way God views human life. God's viewpoint is that people are either "not betrothed," "betrothed," or "married." The Bride Price may be a material gift, but is primarily the self-sacrifice of the young man. Paying this price accomplishes several things for both the young man, his betrothed, and their families. The primary thing it does, however, is to give to the bride-to-be a feeling of great worth.
Running Time: 66 minutes