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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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The 3 Key Elements of Successful Parenting

Though there may be some exceptions, generally speaking, if a child chooses evil as an adult it is probably because his parents failed in some way to properly train him as a child. There are 3 ABCs of Successful Parenting that work together to help parents produce wise, godly children. Always win in training the child to obey. The parent, not the child, must be the winner in every contest of wills. A teenage rebel is often the product of a child who was not made to obey. Be gentle. Firmness must be balanced with gentleness or it easily becomes harshness. Greatness in a child is produced by gentleness in his parents. Consistently be consistent. Parents must not “start and stop.” They must stand together so that children know it is not possible to “pit one against the other.”

Running time: 58 minutes
How to Parent as a Team

In Proverbs 6 God chose the analogy of a lamp and its light to picture how a father and mother are to function as a team in parenting. Just as the wick could not function without the lamp, nor the lamp function without the wick, so a father and mother are to demonstrate oneness in the teaching and discipline of their children. The commandment of the father is like the government that spells out clearly what is expected of the people. The law of the mother is like a good police officer enforcing the laws of the government on a day by day basis. What happens if a father doesn’t make a commandment? Then the mother’s law will be as flimsy as if a policeman tried to deal with someone without the government to back him up. This message explains when and how a father needs to step in and deal with a problem.

Running time: 60 minutes
How to Bless Your Children & Others

One of the most powerful things a parent does for his child is to bless him, and one of the most terrible things any parent does is to curse his child. But blessings should not be limited to children. We should bless: the LORD; our nation; the lost; those who curse us; every member of our family; and especially those whose father did not give them the blessing. This message not only gives a solid Biblical foundation for understanding the blessing, but also explains how to use Scriptures and songs to give it. Also covered is why the blessing is important, when to give it and what happens when people don’t get it. (An unusual feature of this study is that Dr. Davis demonstrates how he uses the songs he wrote for his first 8 grandchildren right after they were born to bless them on a regular basis.)

Running time: 59 minutes
How to Train Children to Refuse Evil & Choose Good

That if it were truly possible to train a child to refuse evil and choose good? What more important thing could a parent do for his child?! Is such a thing even possible? Yes! How? By culturing simple appetites for the ‘best of the best’ in one’s child. The prevailing philosophy of our day that says we should expose a child to lots of good AND evil and let him choose is wrong! Such a child will, most likely, choose evil. The land of Canaan was a “land flowing with milk and honey.” A “butter and honey” diet would be a diet even better than “milk and honey.” This message explains and illustrates the “butter and honey diet” parents need to feed their children to train them to refuse evil and choose good. It also teaches how to decrease wrong appetites and increase right appetites.

Running time: 56 minutes
Parenting with a Diligent Hand

Proverbs 10:4 draws a sharp contrast between a “slack hand” and a “diligent hand.” What is a slack hand that produces poor character in children? It is letting children get by with something when they should not get by. It is not having a firm grip on what is going on in your child's life. The golden hand of the diligent parent is far more likely to produce the riches of charactered, happy, obedient, respectful, godly children than the slack hand. Many godly parents lose their children, not because they give them permission to do wrong when they ask to do something they should not do. They lose their children because the parent finds out something the child has done wrong and then just lets it go. A parent's slack hand of inactivity becomes permission in itself! This DVD encourages parents to not only use a diligent hand to determine the child's path, but also to not let the child get off the right way for any of seven key reasons.

Running time: 58 minutes
How to Keep Children from Getting Bitter

The 1st mention of bitterness in the Bible was in a son–Esau, the child of Isaac and Rebekah. When he felt he had been done wrong, Esau cried out with a “bitter cry.” Esau wound up rejecting the grace of God and becoming a profane fornicator. It is like God was saying to all parents: Protect your children from becoming bitter. HOW?
  1. Emphasize to children the importance of forgiveness and never becoming bitter.
  2. Teach them how to control their angry natures.
  3. Stay with your original mate.
  4. Keep lines of communication open.
  5. Draw the line of obedience where God draws it.
  6. Take seriously God’s negative commands.
  7. Get victory over anger.
  8. Fathers must be involved with ALL their children.
  9. Teach children to run TO responsibility.
  10. Encourage children to receive the grace God offers them.
Running time: 56 minutes
4 Things Children Need from Parents

Esau’s life was one of the most tragic of any man’s life in the Bible. He was a man with good parentage, a good lineage, and great opportunities. But he was profane and probably wound up in Hell. Though he made his own choices, there were also some negative forces working in Esau’s life. And there were some positive gifts his parents should have given him to help him overcome those negative things. Every child needs the gift of:
  1. Parents with a stable marriage–every child needs both a father and a mother.
  2. Impartial parents who love each child with unconditional love.
  3. Praise and encouragement–every child needs the motivation of feeling a sense of worth.
  4. A genuine spiritual example so a child can learn to love God and the things of God.

Running time: 58 minutes
Bible Pictures of Godly Children

Word pictures are powerful vehicles to communicate truth. God didn’t just tell us when and how to teach our children. God also painted several pictures for us of Godly children so we would know what to expect. To have sons as “plants grown up in their youth” requires insisting on a maturity that knows and accepts obedience, responsibility, and respectfulness.“Polished corner stones” refers to daughters who are prominent with the unusual beauty and brightness of holiness. Their countenance radiates with the light of God. “Arrows in the hand of a mighty man” is a picture of parents with a vision of purpose for their children. A soldier’s life was at stake each time he strung his bow. Each arrow had to be perfectly carved and balanced so it would fly unerringly into the enemy’s stronghold to do damage to the enemy’s forces. “Like olive plants” powerfully portrays Godly generational succession.

Running time: 56 minutes
How to Pass On Your Convictions to Your Children

In I Kings 3:5, “the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.” Solomon wisely asked for an understanding heart.

Knowledge is learning what God wants me to do. Wisdom is learning how to do it. Understanding is learning why to do it. God isn’t just interested in you knowing what you believe. God is also interested in you knowing why you believe what you believe.

In Proverbs God not only told the young man to avoid the strange woman and the evil man. God also told him why. When children ask the question, “Why?” it is not enough for parents to answer, “Because I said so.” A key to passing beliefs, standards, and convictions on to the next generation is by giving them understanding. Understanding is also vitally important as a motivation to cause someone to seek after knowledge.

Running time: 62 minutes
What the Bible Has to Say About Spanking

Out of a file of many stories of parents who have found themselves in trouble for disciplining their children, ALL of those parents were found to have violated some Bible principle. This video tells: Why the world is against spanking; 12 Reasons why you should spank; When you should spank; How you should spank; and What you should expect after you spank. Since the Bible word is “CHASTISE,” the following acrostic is offered:
H-Have time
I-Instruct with eyes
S-Spank with rod
E-Express love & pray

Running time: 70 minutes