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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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Fear Series

The Fear Series Includes: What Fear Does and How to Conquer Fear and Develop Courage.

What Fear Does:
A truth that the Bible makes very clear is that we do not have to fear man. In fact, “The fear of man bringeth a snare.” Fear causes us to focus on negative things rather than positive things - on what we can't do for God instead of on what we can do. Fear also causes us to exaggerate the negative. The children of Israel said they were like grasshoppers in comparison to the Canaanites. No man is a grasshopper compared to any other man, but their fear caused the Israelites to spend forty years wandering in the wilderness when they could have conquered the land of Canaan. Worse yet, fear causes us to act irrationally. When fearful leaders do not confront sin, then the hearts of followers get hardened by their sin. The one healthy fear is the fear of the Lord.

Running time: 58 minutes

How to Conquer Fear and Develop Courage:

Since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden there has never been an absence of fear for man. In fact, God does not mean for us to be totally without fear. We either have the right kind of fear or the wrong kind of ear. The wrong kind of fear is a powerful, negative, potentially destructive force. The right kind of fear is a powerful, positive, energizing, motivating force. The key to conquering destructive fear (in all its varied forms) is to replace the fear of man with the fear of God. The fear of God: gives wisdom and knowledge; prolongs days; delivers from evil; gives confidence; protects from danger; and is a treasure and a choice!

Running time: 59 minutes
How to Conquer Strong, Evil Habits

We are all creatures of habit. Good habits are wonderful things. But NOTHING of this world is as enslaving as a bad habit.

Many people, even Christians have found themselves trapped in a vicious, guilt - filled cycle:

  1. Enjoy some forbidden pleasure
  2. Feel guilty
  3. Confess the sin to God
  4. Determine to never do it again
  5. Feel good about a brief period of freedom
  6. Fail again.

So the cycle goes around and around and each time it goes around it creates deeper ruts (patterns) in the soul. The question for many “prisoners of habit” is, “How can I conquer this incredibly strong, evil habit?” Here are 10 key principles from God’s Word that can truly give you freedom!

Running time: 59 minutes

The Necessity of Replacing Evil with Good

It is not possible to simply get rid of evil in your own life or the life of your children. It is essential that evil be replaced with good.  In Matthew 12 Jesus told the story of a man who cleaned out his life. A demon left the man, but could not find another place to go. The demon returned and found the man’s heart “empty, swept, and garnished.” So he went out and found seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they all together moved into this man’s life. The last state of that man was worse than the first! Sometimes parents see the wickedness in the world all around them and decide they must keep their children from that wickedness. So they take away bad friends, bad music, bad activities, bad videos, and bad reading materials. And they leave their child’s life “empty, swept, and garnished.” What they do not realize is that more evil is waiting to come into the vacuum than was ever there before!

Running time: 61 minutes

Conquering Satan's Strongholds

Revelation 12:9 says, “the Devil was cast out into the earth, & his angels with him.” But Satan & his demons do not simply “float around.” They look for a “place” to live. Ephesians 4:27 commands you and me as Christians to not give “place” to the devil. That Greek word is often translated “room.” Paul was saying, “Don’t give Satan a room - an area of control - a foothold - ground - in your life.” Usually, when Satan gets a room in a person’s life, he does it without them even knowing it! He doesn’t come in because you invite him. He slips in the back door.

How do Satan or his demons come in? Through:

  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Unforgiveness
  • Ungratefulness
  • Jealousy
  • Rebellion
  • Disobedience
  • Rock music
  • Pride
  • Etc.

This message has a powerful demonstration & illustration of how Satan takes a “little ground” in a person’s life and turns it into a stronghold! The hope of deliverance is also demonstrated.

Running time: 60 minutes

How to Deal with Guilt

Guilt was created by God to help us deal with our sin. It is also possible to have false guilt. This message addresses how to properly deal with guilt and understand how it may be helping or destroying us.

Running time: 59 minutes

Why You Keep Sinning & How to Stop

Shows the importance of keeping curiosity within its God-given boundaries.

Running time: 59 minutes

Folly: The Dead Fly That Spoils Your Life

This DVD does NOT yet have On-Screen Graphics. If you purchase it without the Graphics, you may have the one with Graphics for FREE (pay shipping only) whenever it is released with graphics.

Ecclesiastes 10:1 provides us with one of the most interesting and unusual warnings in all of the Bible: “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.”

God’s people are to use wisdom to be like sweet smelling ointment that brings healing to people all around us who are experiencing great hurts in their lives. But only a little bit of folly or foolishness can be like a dead fly that causes that ointment to be both useless and repulsive.

What many people think are “little things” are often very big things.

This DVD, filled with stories, is a challenge to everyone, but especially to young people. That challenge is to not allow a “little folly” that will damage one’s testimony and either ruin their life or prevent them from being effective for God.

The Power of Secrets

Secrets have the potential to greatly bless your life. Secrets build relationships by binding hearts with those with whom you share your secrets. Especially should we share our secrets with God and allow God to share His secrets with us.

But secrets also have the power to bring you into bondage. Walls may be erected by secrets that are kept from mates or parents. Your most dangerous sin is probably your secret sin.

Because sin is a thought before it becomes an action, parents should daily ask children what secret temptations they are facing.

We are all naturally curious to find out secrets, but before you let someone tell you their secrets you need to first make sure you are the one to receive them.

Find here the answers to the following questions:

How can you find out God’s secrets?

How do children keeping secrets destroy godly parenting?

What is the difference between secrets and surprises?

What happens if you tell the wrong person a secret?

How do you know to whom you should tell your secrets?

Should husbands and wives keep secrets from each other?

Should engaged couples keep secrets about past moral failures?

How do secrets and adoption relate to each other?

Running Time: 60 minutes

This is a message I have worked on for 15+ years, which is now available on CD. Click Here to Listen to a Free Preview of this Message (This link is a 6 minute FREE PREVIEW from the message “The Power of Secrets.” I discuss telling children about “the birds and bees” and not keeping adoptions a secret. Please don’t miss hearing this important message!)

The Story of the 10 Lepers MP3

The Story of the 10 Lepers

Running time: 61 minutes
The Sin of Silence MP3 - MP3 Download
Reg Price: $3.50

The Sin of Silence

Almost any time a child gets in trouble it happens because the parent did not know something going on in his child's life that he needed to know. A true witness is careful about things he should NOT say. A true witness is also careful to NOT KEEP SILENT when he needs to speak. A true witness knows that, to keep silent when truth needs to be spoken, may bring terrible destruction to the lives of people. True friends will not cover up for friends who do wrong. Truth that will free others from bondage must be told. The key truth expounded and explained in this message is:


Running time: 65 minutes