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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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How to Train Children to Refuse Evil & Choose Good
How to Train Children to Refuse Evil & Choose Good

That if it were truly possible to train a child to refuse evil and choose good? What more important thing could a parent do for his child?! Is such a thing even possible? Yes! How? By culturing simple appetites for the ‘best of the best’ in one’s child. The prevailing philosophy of our day that says we should expose a child to lots of good AND evil and let him choose is wrong! Such a child will, most likely, choose evil. The land of Canaan was a “land flowing with milk and honey.” A “butter and honey” diet would be a diet even better than “milk and honey.” This message explains and illustrates the “butter and honey diet” parents need to feed their children to train them to refuse evil and choose good. It also teaches how to decrease wrong appetites and increase right appetites.

Running time: 56 minutes
How to Develop Character in Your Children
How to Develop Character in Your Children

Jesus was called the “express image” of God in Hebrews 1:3. The Greek word for “express image” is “character.” Jesus had the mark or character of the Father on Him. In a different yet similar way, you and I should have the mark of the character of Jesus upon our lives. This message gives 4 ways to develop character in children.

Running time: 64 minutes
What Character Is & Does
What Character Is & Does

This message gives 12 things that Character Does.
  1. It will turn your trials into testimonies.
  2. It will lead you to the right mate.
  3. It gives beauty to life.
  4. It is your guard for your reputation.
  5. It is the guard for a nation’s freedom.
  6. It provides a foundation for trust.
  7. It is a gauge to measure maturity.
  8. It solves the biggest problems of life.
  9. It “stands out” in a decadent society.
  10. It puts women and children first.
  11. It is your destiny.
  12. It prepares a person to receive Christ.

Running time: 64 minutes
Hard Work: The Foundation of Character
Hard Work: The Foundation of Character

The first occurrence of the word “work” in the Bible was not in relation to man, but was in relation to God Himself. Work is godly because God is the original worker. Laziness is ungodly. Work is foundational because God began everything by working. The very first thing God did for Adam was given him work to do. To get Adam ready for Eve God gave him more work to do. So a man who is not a hard worker is not ready to get married! When Adam disobeyed God, he not only created a sin problem, he also began a character crisis. To deal with that crisis, God increased the amount of work that man had to do. One of the main ways you develop character in children is by training them to be diligent workers using their hands to do hard work.

Running time: 56 minutes
Integrity: The Parent of Character
Integrity: The Parent of Character

Many people recognize the importance of character, but not as many people recognize that integrity is more important than character. In fact, integrity is the parent of character. It is the producer of character. If a person lacking in character will get integrity then they will eventually get character. But it is possible to have certain character qualities but not keep them because of a lack of integrity.

Running time: 64 minutes
Fear Series
Fear Series

The Fear Series Includes: What Fear Does and How to Conquer Fear and Develop Courage.

What Fear Does:
A truth that the Bible makes very clear is that we do not have to fear man. In fact, “The fear of man bringeth a snare.” Fear causes us to focus on negative things rather than positive things - on what we can't do for God instead of on what we can do. Fear also causes us to exaggerate the negative. The children of Israel said they were like grasshoppers in comparison to the Canaanites. No man is a grasshopper compared to any other man, but their fear caused the Israelites to spend forty years wandering in the wilderness when they could have conquered the land of Canaan. Worse yet, fear causes us to act irrationally. When fearful leaders do not confront sin, then the hearts of followers get hardened by their sin. The one healthy fear is the fear of the Lord.

Running time: 58 minutes

How to Conquer Fear and Develop Courage:

Since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden there has never been an absence of fear for man. In fact, God does not mean for us to be totally without fear. We either have the right kind of fear or the wrong kind of ear. The wrong kind of fear is a powerful, negative, potentially destructive force. The right kind of fear is a powerful, positive, energizing, motivating force. The key to conquering destructive fear (in all its varied forms) is to replace the fear of man with the fear of God. The fear of God: gives wisdom and knowledge; prolongs days; delivers from evil; gives confidence; protects from danger; and is a treasure and a choice!

Running time: 59 minutes
Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World
Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World

This message zeroes in on Joab, King David’s General, but also studies Abishai, Ittai, Saul, Jonathan, Ahithophel, Absalom, Asahel, Amasa, and Nathan the prophet.

The 12 principles seen in the lives of these key men are:

  1. Wisely and consciously choose those to whom you give your loyalty. 
  2. Give loyalty to people and positions, not just to personalities. 
  3. Loyalty to human leadership is really loyalty to God Himself. 
  4. Loyalty is needed to make YOU what you ought to be. 
  5. A loyal person seeks to understand both the words and the heart of his leader. 
  6. Loyalty is seen the clearest when the opportunity for disloyalty is the greatest.
  7. A person demonstrates where his loyalties lie by those to whom he passes praise. 
  8. Loyalty is destroyed by bitterness or becoming offended. 
  9. A loyal person will not “have his own agenda.”
  10. Followers who follow leader-followers must keep their loyalty first with the leader.
  11. Only the leader knows if the follower is truly loyal. 
  12. True loyalty is not fully known until the end of life.

Running time: 79 minutes

This title is also available for a special price in our DVD Youth Collection.

“I wanted to write and express our deepest thanks for making available to us the message on “Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World.” The message came at a very needful time in our family's lives. Especially it was beneficial for our son but we all have profited from it. Your ministry has been a real blessing down through the years, but especially this message has proven to be helpful to see loyalty from all aspects. Only eternity will reveal completely to you what benefit that sermon has been to us and I'm sure many, many others. I can testify that this message has helped keep the enemy from claiming victory in our sons life. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry as I know the enemy would love to destroy you and your influence on others.”
~ A grateful Pastor's wife

The Power of Secrets
The Power of Secrets

Secrets have the potential to greatly bless your life. Secrets build relationships by binding hearts with those with whom you share your secrets. Especially should we share our secrets with God and allow God to share His secrets with us.

But secrets also have the power to bring you into bondage. Walls may be erected by secrets that are kept from mates or parents. Your most dangerous sin is probably your secret sin.

Because sin is a thought before it becomes an action, parents should daily ask children what secret temptations they are facing.

We are all naturally curious to find out secrets, but before you let someone tell you their secrets you need to first make sure you are the one to receive them.

Find here the answers to the following questions:

How can you find out God’s secrets?

How do children keeping secrets destroy godly parenting?

What is the difference between secrets and surprises?

What happens if you tell the wrong person a secret?

How do you know to whom you should tell your secrets?

Should husbands and wives keep secrets from each other?

Should engaged couples keep secrets about past moral failures?

How do secrets and adoption relate to each other?

Running Time: 60 minutes

This is a message I have worked on for 15+ years, which is now available on CD. Click Here to Listen to a Free Preview of this Message (This link is a 6 minute FREE PREVIEW from the message “The Power of Secrets.” I discuss telling children about “the birds and bees” and not keeping adoptions a secret. Please don’t miss hearing this important message!)

The Story of the 10 Lepers MP3
The Story of the 10 Lepers MP3

The Story of the 10 Lepers

Running time: 61 minutes
How to Pass On Your Convictions to Your Children
How to Pass On Your Convictions to Your Children

In I Kings 3:5, “the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.” Solomon wisely asked for an understanding heart.

Knowledge is learning what God wants me to do. Wisdom is learning how to do it. Understanding is learning why to do it. God isn’t just interested in you knowing what you believe. God is also interested in you knowing why you believe what you believe.

In Proverbs God not only told the young man to avoid the strange woman and the evil man. God also told him why. When children ask the question, “Why?” it is not enough for parents to answer, “Because I said so.” A key to passing beliefs, standards, and convictions on to the next generation is by giving them understanding. Understanding is also vitally important as a motivation to cause someone to seek after knowledge.

Running time: 62 minutes