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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones

Dr. Davis recommends this video as his most important message for entire families to watch together. The main reason the Prodigal Son was a rebel was because he was rejected by his older brother. Most rebels in the Bible and in history were not second borns, but first borns. When second borns got into trouble, it was usually because they were following their older siblings. It is no quirk of nature that first borns are often very strong willed. God wanted that strong will turned in the right direction so that the influence of the parents and the 1st born cause the 2nd born to move in the right direction; then the influence of the parents, 1st born, and 2nd born move the 3rd born in the right direction, etc. There are 10 key principles from III John that older children should apply in relation to younger children which will bring joy to their own hearts as well as sweet harmony to their entire family.

Running time: 59 minutes
The Kingdom of Your Influence

Interestingly, the word “influence” as we use it is not even found in the Scriptures. The word God uses is “rule.” A person’s influence, then, is the kingdom over which he rules. Both Godly and ungodly people are given areas to rule, and the extent of a person’s rule is measured out to him by God. Since it is impossible for someone to simply walk away from his area of influence, parents, older siblings, and grandparents must all be very careful to make sure their influence is powerfully positive rather than negative. Ladies also must be careful because of the powerful influence they have over men. For those of us being influenced, we must be careful to guard ourselves against wrong influences, especially from good sources. We should also plan our lives so as to continue our influences after we are gone.

Running time: 63 minutes
How to Use Acceptance to Build Others

A very person’s life is affected by the powerful forces of rejection and acceptance. The harshest language possible from the soul of one person to the soul of another person is the language of rejection. The sweetest language possible from the soul of one person to the soul of another person is the language of acceptance. Children who get unconditional acceptance at home aren’t nearly as likely to ruin their lives by looking for it elsewhere. Christians should seek to give acceptance to everyone whom God brings across their paths. A smile is a key tool that communicates acceptance. Christians who reject others usually do so because they haven’t learned to distinguish between acceptance and approval. Jesus didn’t approve of the Samaritan woman having five husbands, but He accepted her as a woman who needed His help.

Running time: 62 minutes
Understanding How Homes Relate to Each Other & the Church

One of the key reasons for conflicts among different families as well as between families and churches is that people do not understand the jurisdictional lines between the "houses" God created. Each "house" must influence other "houses" in a positive manner without ever crossing over and undermining the authority of another "house." The "house" of the home must have the "church house" and the "state house" standing behind it, but the church & state must be careful to not undermine the home. Authority may at times be delegated; it must never be relinquished.


Running time: 77 minutes
Why Satan Wants the First Born & What To Do About It

A quick perusal of the Scriptures will demonstrate clearly and powerfully that God wanted all the first things–the first born sheep; the first of the crops; the first of any money; the first day of the week; the first year of marriage; and the first born child or son. It is also clear that SATAN WANTS WHAT GOD WANTS. Those who understand the Bible and history understand that this especially applies to the first born child. Do you know why Pastors and Christian leaders have three times as much difficulty training their firstborns? Do you know the consequences of not giving God the first things? Entire families should watch this video, but especially parents and their first born children.

Running time: 59 minutes
The Power of Secrets

Secrets have the potential to greatly bless your life. Secrets build relationships by binding hearts with those with whom you share your secrets. Especially should we share our secrets with God and allow God to share His secrets with us.

But secrets also have the power to bring you into bondage. Walls may be erected by secrets that are kept from mates or parents. Your most dangerous sin is probably your secret sin.

Because sin is a thought before it becomes an action, parents should daily ask children what secret temptations they are facing.

We are all naturally curious to find out secrets, but before you let someone tell you their secrets you need to first make sure you are the one to receive them.

Find here the answers to the following questions:

How can you find out God’s secrets?

How do children keeping secrets destroy godly parenting?

What is the difference between secrets and surprises?

What happens if you tell the wrong person a secret?

How do you know to whom you should tell your secrets?

Should husbands and wives keep secrets from each other?

Should engaged couples keep secrets about past moral failures?

How do secrets and adoption relate to each other?

Running Time: 60 minutes

This is a message I have worked on for 15+ years, which is now available on CD. Click Here to Listen to a Free Preview of this Message (This link is a 6 minute FREE PREVIEW from the message “The Power of Secrets.” I discuss telling children about “the birds and bees” and not keeping adoptions a secret. Please don’t miss hearing this important message!)

Influence Series in DVD
Reg Price: $49.00

The Influence Series is compiled of the following 4 DVDs:

  1. Why Satan Wants the 1st Born and What to Do About It
  2. The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones
  3. The Kingdom of Your Influence
  4. How to Use Acceptance to Build Others
Friendship Series in DVD

The Friendship Series is compiled of the following 4 DVDs:

  1. Understanding the Blessings and Hazards of Friendships
  2. How to Help Weak Children Become Strong
  3. The Sin of Silence
  4. Accountability: Missing Ingredient for Spiritual Victory
Youth Collection in DVD
Reg Price: $129.00

The Youth Collection is compiled of the following 11 DVDs:

What to Expect from a 12 Year Old

Personal Responsibility

Remember Now Thy Creator

Standing Alone

How to Lengthen Your Life by Honoring and Obeying Your Parents

God's 7 Purposes for Authority

How to Increase Your Life Potential

How to Tell the Right Kind of Music

How to Avoid the Emptiness of a Meaningless Life

Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World

Sinning Against Great Light