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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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Overcoming Discouragement

Cleopas and his friend should have been happy. The resurrection had just taken place! But they were sad and discouraged. Jesus personally talked to them and helped them with their discouragement. What should you do when discouraged?
  1. Try to understand why. Discouragement is often a reaction to a real or an imagined loss. It may also be because of false expectations. Ask yourself several key questions to understand why you are discouraged.
  2. Talk about your discouragement with the right people. Talk to the Lord! Also talk to someone who is spiritual.
  3. Listen to truth until you get a fresh perspective. Then get up and get moving and attack your mountain of discouragement and depression one step at a time.
Running time: 54 minutes

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After heart surgery and 4 weeks in the hospital, Audry Cox’s kidneys failed and she had to go on dialysis. Then the dialysis didn’t work and also made her terribly sick. She said, “Pastor Davis, is it wrong for me to refuse any other treatments so I can just go on to Heaven? I’m not afraid to die. I’m just tired of being sick.” With her husband of many years by her side, here was Pastor Davis’ answer!

Running time: 59 minutes
Detailed Instructions to Serious Parents to Help Rebellious Teens

This is probably the most personal of all of Dr. Davis’ messages. Since the message Changing the Heart of a Rebel was released in 1994, many parents have sought counsel from he and his media secretary daughter concerning how to implement the principles given in the message. One day after spending an hour and a half counseling with one such family, Dr. Davis walked into the church auditorium where most of his messages originate. He sat down in a chair, looked at the camera, and personally spoke for nearly an hour about which of his videos to use and how to use them to help turn around rebellious teens. Changing the Heart of a Rebel gave the Biblical principles. Detailed Instructions gives practical advice concerning how to implement those principles. This may also be Dr. Davis’ most urgent and compelling call to parents challenging them to “pay the price” to reach rebellious youth.

***Please be sure to read the Help for Rebels FREE Information Sheet and watch the Changing the Heart of a Rebel DVD BEFORE purchasing or watching this DVD!***

Running Time: 55 min.

This DVD can also be purchased at a reduced rate in our 3-DVD Help for Rebels Starter Set.
Changing the Heart of a Rebel

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Many testimonies from around the world attest to the effectiveness of the Biblical principles expounded in this message. Parents of younger children say that the message has helped them understand parenting so as to prevent problems with their children. Some parents say they listen to the message every few weeks to help them stay "on track" as a parent. Still other parents have found the message to be the "lifeline" to stop a descent into destruction and save the life and future of their rebellious teen.

Running time: 64 minutes

Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.
Knowing When to Let Go

This message is the sequel to the message, “Changing the Heart of a Rebel.” Most parents “let go” of a rebellious child when they should not, and don’t “let go” when they should.

Love must be strong enough to deal with rebellion and also strong enough to “let go” when unstoppable consequences start to come. The same “love” that isn’t strong enough to pay the price to deal with a child’s rebellion, also is often not strong enough to “let go” when the consequences of rebellion start to come.

In 1 Chronicles 13, Uzza put forth his hand to steady the ark of the covenant when it started to fall off the cart that was transporting it. When He did so, God smote him and he died. Uzza should have “let go” and let the ark fall!

Parents bail rebellious children out of jail, pay their fines, give them financial support, etc. Our government violates the same principle in other ways.

This message has principles every Christian may profit from hearing, but it is especially helpful for parents of rebels 18 or older and parents who wonder about their options with a problem child.

Running time: 54 minutes
How to Help Rebellious Adopted or Stepchildren

Children want to give their hearts to their parents. But there is a frightening exception to that truth. Children who are not living with biological parents may feel a sense of “rootlessness” and confusion that hinders parents from being able to deal with their rebellion. Moses, Samuel, Esther, Daniel, Jesus, and Joseph were separated from their parents and raised by someone other than their biological parents.
The key thing for adoptive, step parents and their children to do is to properly ask the question, “Why did God let this happen in my life?” Once this question is asked and then answered from God’s point of view, negative situations can be viewed in a positive light.
This message may also be a help to pastors’ & missionaries’ children, as well as people who have experienced divorce, disease, death, etc.

This message answers the question, “Why God Lets Things Happen?”

Running time: 60 minutes
My Son, Give Me Thine Heart

The “heart” was not made to be kept. God made the heart in such a way that fulfillment comes in giving it away. If I give my heart away, I have given my life away! This is the reason Satan does all he can to get us to give our hearts to anyone except those God intends.
Absalom is the Bible illustration of a young man who thought his father did not love him and therefore rebelled against his father. With him went 200 men who were "simpleminded and knew not anything." Those men were comparable to friends in our day who do not really know the things they think they know about one another.

You will never forget the story of the girl who said to her Mother “I hate you. I wish you were dead!”
You will never forget the midnight trip to the African river.
You will never forget the face in the casket.


As a Parent that might be dealing with a rebel problem in a child, your first reaction may be to show this DVD to your rebel thinking it will result in immediate repentance and change. It may actually do the direct opposite of what you are wanting and cause them to become worse. It is for that reason that we beg you to listen to our counsel when we say, “PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ONLY THIS DVD TO A REBEL RIGHT AWAY!” Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.

Running time: 104 minutes
The Mistakes Rebels Make

Many stories in the Bible deal with the problem of rebellion. But perhaps no other story is as detailed and descriptive as the story of Absalom’s rebellion against his father David. In the final outcome, 20,000 men died along with Absalom. He himself died a frightening death at the hands of General Joab while hanging from the boughs of an oak tree.
Absalom’s story highlights the mistakes rebels make:
  1. The mistake of justifying bitterness.
  2. The mistake of using the rebellion itself as a tool of vengeance.
  3. The mistake of not realizing the massive confusion that accompanies rebellion.
  4. The mistake of not realizing how much they are loved.
  5. The mistake of assuming that friends gotten by deceit will remain loyal.
  6. The mistake of not seeing the end of their rebellion.
  7. The mistake of thinking that life will be fine whether or not you deal with sin.


Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.

Running time: 63 minutes
How to Stop the Curse of Rebellious Children

With the curse of teen rebellion continuing to rise, parents and pastors need these truths from Luke 1:17

Running time: 65 minutes
Sinning Against Great Light

There are many blessings that God gives to each person, but the greatest blessing of all of human life is spiritual light. Perhaps no other city in the history of the world had the opportunities and spiritual light that did the city of Capernaum. Matthew referred to it as Jesus’ “own city!” More than half of the recorded miracles of Jesus were performed in or around Capernaum! One of the most amazing statements of Jesus was when he said that if Sodom had had the “mighty works” done in Capernaum that Sodom “would have remained until this day!” God gives some measure of spiritual light to every person who has ever lived. If they respond to that light, then He gives more light. If they reject that light, they move into darkness. The privileges and opportunities of great light are also a great responsibility. For someone to experience great light and then walk away from it is one of the most dangerous things a person can do.

Running Time: 63 minutes
Understanding How Homes Relate to Each Other & the Church

One of the key reasons for conflicts among different families as well as between families and churches is that people do not understand the jurisdictional lines between the "houses" God created. Each "house" must influence other "houses" in a positive manner without ever crossing over and undermining the authority of another "house." The "house" of the home must have the "church house" and the "state house" standing behind it, but the church & state must be careful to not undermine the home. Authority may at times be delegated; it must never be relinquished.


Running time: 77 minutes