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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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What Impatience Does

The servant who owed a tremendous debt said to his Lord, “Have patience with me and I will pay thee all.” But when forgiven he did not want to express that same patience to a fellow servant. Instead, with anger he cast him into prison. So all of us want God to be patient with us, but we don’t always want to give that same patience to others. Impatience and anger are like sister sins, with one leading quickly to the other. If you develop patience, you are far more likely to not sin by getting angry. The biggest problem parents have in raising children is not the children. It is the parents’ own impatience & anger. Impatience produces anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. It demonstrates a lack of true love. Impatience cuts you off from the blessings of patience, while increasing the number of your trials. This message also gives seven steps to develop patience.

Running time: 63 minutes

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Repairing Really Rotten Relationships

Rotten relationships do not always have to remain that way! Certainly there are times when all you can do is make sure that your heart is right with the other person because their heart is never going to be right with you. But that is not always the case. The most strained relationship of your life may have the potential of developing into the most special relationship of your life if you would be willing to work on it. In Ruth and Naomi's case, Naomi should have been the one to take the initiative. But the opposite had to happen. The daughter-in-law had to be the one to reach out to the mother-in-law! Ruth didn't rebuke her mother-in-law. She simply gave love and loyalty to her no matter how Naomi responded. This DVD gives 3 ways to repair rotten relationships.

Running time: 55 minutes
When Forgiveness Won't Work

There is confusion among many Christians about the matter of forgiveness because they do not realize that forgiveness has two sides. The first side is the side of the “forgiver.” Christians must forgive fully, freely, and forever. The second side is the side of the one being forgiven. To be offered forgiveness is one thing. To be able to receive the forgiveness offered is something else. Even though forgiveness is offered, FORGIVENESS WON’T WORK unless the one who has done the wrong is truly repentant. In the parable of the prodigal son, both sons were forgiven. But only one of them received forgiveness because only one of them was truly repentant! Those who encourage acceptance without repentance are really encouraging indulgence and enslavement. With repentance comes cleansing, restoration, and forgiveness.

Running time: 57 minutes
How to Tell True Repentance

A common response when a person is first confronted with sin is defensiveness and lying. One of the worst things that can happen at that point is for him to find someone who will give him sympathy. Only true repentance provides a foundation upon which a life can be rebuilt after there have been broken dreams, hopes, and lives. Repentance does not stop all of sin’s consequences, but it can cut down on the reaping of some of them. Jesus gave us a picture of the proper attitude of repentance when He told the story of the Pharisee and the Publican. Though both were sinners, one was proud and the other humble. One was defensive, and the other offered no defense. Paul expounded further on true repentance by showing that the difference in true and false repentance relates to the difference between worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow.

Running time: 55 minutes
How to Rebuild Broken Trust

No matter what I do, my parents will never trust me again!” “Pastor, I want to forgive my husband, but how can I ever trust him again?” “Isn’t trust the foundation of a relationship? How can we let our runaway daughter come back home if we can’t trust her?” Trust is like a beautiful vase that has been shattered into a thousand pieces. How do you get it back together? YOU DON’T TRY! Instead, you do the things you need to do, pay the price of TIME and TRUE REPENTANCE, and God Himself will perform a miracle and restore the vase in such a way that it will be as beautiful as a brand new vase! What broke the trust? Lies, deceitfulness, disloyalty, rebellion, unfaithfulness, irresponsibility, etc. What should you do? Be honest, open, truthful, sincere, accountable, loyal, humble, submissive, etc. This video also tells the story of how Dr. Davis’ daughter broke and then rebuilt her parents’ trust.

Running time: 59 minutes
Nothing Shall Offend Them

A key verse every Christian should engraft into his life is Psalm 119:165: “Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.” The Bible and human life are full of stories of people who became offended or took up someone else’s offense. True to the meaning of the word “offense,” which is “stumbling block,” those who become offended often stumble and fall or cause others to do so. David was a wise, gracious man who almost acted foolishly because he became offended at the unreasonable, ungrateful actions of the fool Nabal. But it is not only possible to get offended because of wrong actions. Many people get offended when someone does right! And some people get offended without any reason at all! For many years this was Dr. Davis’ most well known and requested message. Some consider it his most humorous message. Here you will learn the key principles necessary for Christians to live in harmony with one another.

Running time: 65 minutes
Understanding & Dealing with Moodiness

Moody people who follow their emotions cut themselves off from MANY of life’s blessings

Running time: 57 minutes

Avoiding Defrauding in Relationships

God apparently takes very seriously His command in I Thessalonians 4:6 against defrauding. It may be the only command where God promises to carry out vengeance on His own children who do such a thing! Part of the message God is trying to communicate to us is that we must understand the three phases of human life as God Who created them views them. Those phases are "Single" or "Not Betrothed," "Betrothed" or "Espoused," and "Married." Each of these phases has a specific purpose. Phase one serves as a foundation for phase two. Then the first two phases serve as a foundation for phase three. Since most people have not understood God's clear and unique purposes for phase two, they have "despised" Betrothal and tried to keep it out of their lives. This in turn has perverted the "love" that belongs in Betrothal and turned it into "lust" among those who are single. God's method to stop defrauding is to put to death inordinate affections by stabbing or starving them and to establish betrothals, not with courting, but with questions.

Running Time: 80 minutes
How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage

Without a doubt, a wife’s most important responsibility in relation to her husband is to reverence him.

Submission is a wife’s position.
Reverence is her practice or activity.

Reverence is the command that balances and gives meaning to submission. It is also the thing that makes a wife a success as a wife. The need of a wife, given by her Creator, is for the security of her husband’s love. The need of a husband is for his wife’s reverence.

  • Reverence motivates a husband.
  • It moves him.
  • It builds him.
  • It lifts him.
  • It challenges him.
  • It empowers him.
  • It encourages him.

This message explains what reverence is, and also tells what it is not. It also tells how a wife used the power of reverence to save her marriage and win her husband to Christ.

Running time: 59 minutes

The Attitude No Lady Should Have

There was a home to which Jesus retreated that was full of hospitality, warmth, graciousness, and friendship. This was the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. This message focuses on the lady named Martha. Martha had many wonderful character qualities. She was orderly, diligent, generous, hospitable, concerned, loving, and faithful. But Martha had an attitude that every lady should examine her life to make sure she doesn't have. This attitude was seen very clearly in the way Martha acted and reacted to Jesus. EVERY TIME THE SCRIPTURES SHOW MARTHA SPEAKING SHE IS REBUKING THE LORD JESUS. Obviously, an attitude that could rebuke Jesus is a wrong attitude that could rebuke anyone! The power of a Godly lady is not in her ability to rebuke, but rather in her ability to wisely appeal. The Martha attitude was an inattentive attitude; an impatient attitude; an intolerant attitude; and an "I'm right and you're wrong!" attitude. Fortunately, the Martha attitude is one that Jesus is able to correct.

Running time: 87 minutes