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A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
A ministry of Dr. S.M. Davis that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems.
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Anger the Destroyer
Anger the Destroyer

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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that anger leads to murder. Probably the number one thing that is spiritually killing the children in Bible-believing homes and churches is the anger of one or both of the parents. Anger also destroys the oneness between a husband and wife. Many parents think their wrath is justified by their children’s disobedience and rebellion. It is more likely that the rebellion is caused and escalated by the anger. Your anger isn’t caused by what is outside you; it is caused by what is happening inside you. Anger usually comes from either pride or tension from unresolved guilt.

God describes anger as:
  • A city without walls
  • An unbearable load
  • A flood
  • A poisonous snake
  • A fire-breathing dragon.
Here are seven key thoughts to stop
Anger the Destroyer.

Running time: 59 minutes
How to Help a Man With His Anger
How to Help a Man With His Anger

A wife asked, “What can I do to help my husband with his anger?”
An older son asked, “What do I do when my father gets angry? How am I supposed to respond?”

  1. Understand that there are probably things you don’t understand.
  2. Deal properly with your own anger:
    • Acknowledge that it is sin.
    • Control your anger God’s way.
  3. Deflect anger:
    • Answer back gently.
    • Give a gift to the angry person.
  4. Do not deliver an angry person from the consequences of his anger.
  5. Use emotional word pictures.
  6. Seek and pray for the skill of patience.
  7. Use spiritual weapons to defeat his carnal weapons:
    • We’re born knowing how to use carnal weapons.
    • Carnal weapons are deceitful.
    • Spiritual weapons are more powerful!

Running time: 54 minutes
What Pride Does
What Pride Does

The three big sins of men are anger, lust, and pride. But perhaps the most difficult of those to conquer is pride. PRIDE HIDES. It is deceitful and elusive. It is also a “root sin” that produces other sins. ANY TIME you see a man who has a problem with anger you see a man who has a problem with pride. ANY TIME you see a man who has a problem with lust you see a man conquered by pride. Many men have seen their homes destroyed because they were too proud to admit they need counsel and seek help. Because pride steals glory that is due to God alone, there are few sins that bring the level of destruction that pride brings. When the plagues on Egypt, including the death of his firstborn, did not stop the pride of Pharoah, God destroyed his army in the Red Sea. Wise is the man who wants to understand, What Pride Does and to seek the blessings that come from humility.

Running time: 66 minutes
Understanding & Dealing with Moodiness
Understanding & Dealing with Moodiness

Moody people who follow their emotions cut themselves off from MANY of life’s blessings

Running time: 57 minutes

10 Timeless Bible Teachings About the Bride Price
10 Timeless Bible Teachings About the Bride Price

This is a timeless message that may help correct whatever wrong custom is being followed to get to the marriage altar in any country in the world. The use of this central Bible truth shows that some countries have moved to the left of God's plan while others have departed to the right. The Bride Price was the first and foremost of three different earthly gifts that are related to marriage. It also intricately ties in with the way God views human life. God's viewpoint is that people are either "not betrothed," "betrothed," or "married." The Bride Price may be a material gift, but is primarily the self-sacrifice of the young man. Paying this price accomplishes several things for both the young man, his betrothed, and their families. The primary thing it does, however, is to give to the bride-to-be a feeling of great worth.
Running Time: 66 minutes
Marriage Collection
Marriage Collection

The Marriage Collection Set is compiled of the following 11 Messages:

  1. Expectations – the Enemy of Relationships and Gratitude
  2. How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage
  3. Oneness – God’s Goal for Your Marriage
  4. 7 Keys to Unlock Doors of Communication
  5. 12 Reasons for the Permanence of Marriage
  6. Are You a Giver or a Taker?
  7. God’s Weightiest Commands to Husbands/Wives and Parents
  8. How to Treat a Wounded Spirit
  9. The ABC’s of a Happy Marriage
  10. Intimacy in Marriage
  11. The Anatomy of Intimacy
How to Increase Your Life's Potential
How to Increase Your Life's Potential

Our physical lives are not totally static, set, and predetermined. If we honor our parents, seek wisdom, keep God's commandments, take care of our bodies, and ask God, He may let us live longer than we would have lived otherwise. God also gives to us the power to enlarge or diminish the impact and potential of our lives. When Jabez asked God to enlarge his coast, "God granted him that which he requested." (1 Chronicles 4:10)

When the children of Israel entered the promised land, they conquered a large portion of land. However, Israel has never conquered as much land as God said she could have. According to Genesis 15:18, Joshua 1:4 and Ezekiel 47, God meant for Israel to have not only her own land, but 1/2 of Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia, 1/3 of Iraq, 1/2 of Syria, and all of Lebanon! Israel was meant by God to have an area of land ten times the size she has now or has ever had! What if Israel had taken all God promised her, and then asked God to enlarge her coast?! This DVD provides 8 things you can do to increase your life potential.

Running time: 66 minutes

“Very Excellent! We've gained so many insights from the messages.”

This title is also available for a special price in our DVD Youth Collection.

The Demonic-Like Nature of Anger
The Demonic-Like Nature of Anger

Ephesians 4:26-27 teaches that the STIRRING in our souls that leads to anger is God’s flashing light to warn us, “Watch out, you’re about to be SINNING by getting angry.”

The third step downward into Anger Bondage is SETTLING–where the anger settles into our soul as we sleep on it. Finally, step four is SIGNING OVER–"Neither give place to the devil." You sign over a room, ground, or an area of control to the devil.

Since anger is an area where Satan gets control, then we can understand anger better by comparing it to another area where Satan has control. A key area in the New Testament where Satan was seen to have control was in relation to unclean spirits.

This message, filled with Biblical and contemporary illustrations, gives ten similarities or comparisons between unclean spirits and anger.

Running time: 58 minutes
How to Be a Success as a Father
How to Be a Success as a Father

This DVD does NOT yet have On-Screen Graphics. If you purchase it without the Graphics, you may have the one with Graphics for FREE (pay shipping only) whenever it is released with graphics.

How did Job succeed as a father? He prayed for his children that if sin had gotten in their hearts that it would be dealt with before it came out in their lives.

Very significantly Job “placed his children about him.” To be a G-L-A-D father, a father should have his children around him for

God times; Labor times; Amusement times; Dinner time

An emphasis is placed in this DVD on the power and importance of using family meal times to get and keep children’s hearts.

Running time: 63 minutes

What God Expects From a 20 Year Old
What God Expects From a 20 Year Old

Of the 262 times the number 20 occurs in the Bible, 28 of those refer to men age 20 and older. The day a young man turns 20, he crosses a line of demarcation drawn by God Himself. He immediately ceases to be a boy and becomes a man directly responsible and accountable to God. He then has a responsibility to check what his parents want him to do, not only in relation to clearly stated Biblical truth, but also in relation to what he senses in his spirit God is directing him to do. Parents’ word at any age is to be honored and respected–anything but disdained. But a 20 year old is as directly accountable to God at 20 as he will be at 60. This message discusses the implications of the significance of this truth for parents and single men and women over 20 whether still at home or not.

Running time: 59 minutes