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The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones The 3 Key Elements of Successful Parenting Overcoming Discouragement
Dr. Davis recommends this video as his most important message for entire families to watch together. The main reason the Prodigal Son was a rebel was because he was rejected by his older brother. Most rebels in the Bible and in history were not second borns, but first borns. When second borns got into trouble, it was usually because they were following their older siblings. It is no quirk of nature that first borns are often very strong willed. God wanted that strong will turned in the right direction so that the influence of the parents and the 1st born cause the 2nd born to move in the right direction; then the influence of the parents, 1st born, and 2nd born move the 3rd born in the right direction, etc. There are 10 key principles from III John that older children should apply in relation to younger children which will bring joy to their own hearts as well as sweet harmony to their entire family.

Running time: 59 minutes
Though there may be some exceptions, generally speaking, if a child chooses evil as an adult it is probably because his parents failed in some way to properly train him as a child. There are 3 ABCs of Successful Parenting that work together to help parents produce wise, godly children. Always win in training the child to obey. The parent, not the child, must be the winner in every contest of wills. A teenage rebel is often the product of a child who was not made to obey. Be gentle. Firmness must be balanced with gentleness or it easily becomes harshness. Greatness in a child is produced by gentleness in his parents. Consistently be consistent. Parents must not “start and stop.” They must stand together so that children know it is not possible to “pit one against the other.”

Running time: 58 minutes
Cleopas and his friend should have been happy. The resurrection had just taken place! But they were sad and discouraged. Jesus personally talked to them and helped them with their discouragement. What should you do when discouraged?
  1. Try to understand why. Discouragement is often a reaction to a real or an imagined loss. It may also be because of false expectations. Ask yourself several key questions to understand why you are discouraged.
  2. Talk about your discouragement with the right people. Talk to the Lord! Also talk to someone who is spiritual.
  3. Listen to truth until you get a fresh perspective. Then get up and get moving and attack your mountain of discouragement and depression one step at a time.
Running time: 54 minutes

Also available only on this DVD: Finish

After heart surgery and 4 weeks in the hospital, Audry Cox’s kidneys failed and she had to go on dialysis. Then the dialysis didn’t work and also made her terribly sick. She said, “Pastor Davis, is it wrong for me to refuse any other treatments so I can just go on to Heaven? I’m not afraid to die. I’m just tired of being sick.” With her husband of many years by her side, here was Pastor Davis’ answer!

Running time: 59 minutes
When You Have to Drink the Bitter Cup Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy God's Plan for Finding a Mate
It was unavoidable for Jesus to do the will of the Father without drinking the “bitter cup.” Yet He did so without becoming bitter.

Running time: 62 minutes

This may be the most important of the “Betrothal” series because it lays a foundation for the subsequent messages. The boyfriend/girlfriend game of our western culture is like an idol. This idol is erected not only in our society, but also in our homes and churches! It is not possible to build an altar to the Lord without first destroying false idols. This message gives little direction in relation to finding a mate, but it destroys the idol so that people are then able to hear God’s truth. The falseness of this philosophy is exposed by the Word of God. It is also exposed by the bad fruit it has produced in the lives of numerous people.

Running time: 85 minutes

THIS IS THE MESSAGE that tells parents and youth what to do and how to do it to get safely to the marriage altar. Using the stories of Chad and Heidi Eves and Israel and Brook Wayne, Dr. Davis illustrates four key principles that everyone should follow to get to the marriage altar:

  1. Stay asleep or go to sleep in relation to the desire to have a mate or to get married.
  2. Wake up with the leadership of God given authority figures.
  3. Make a decision as much apart from emotion as possible to avoid defrauding
  4. Establish a secure relationship that includes physical purity and the winning of the lady’s heart.

Running time: 69 minutes

Victory Over the Dating Spirit 10 Timeless Bible Teachings About the Bride Price How to Avoid Confusion Concerning Betrothal

“Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy” destroys the idol of the Boyfriend/Girlfriend philosophy of our day. “God’s Plan for Finding A Mate” tells families what to do & how to do it to get to the marriage altar.“Victory Over the Dating Spirit” tells how to keep commitments many have already made. A dating spirit is a deceitful thing. It is manifested in a guy or a girl who has made good commitments, but they still allow their hearts to wander emotionally toward some person. Like “Sally Christian,” a girl may give her heart away a piece at a time, until it seems impossible to stand at the marriage altar and give her whole heart to her mate. Here are seven things for parents to do and eight things for youth to do to help reach God’s goal of one serious relationship for life.

Running Time: 66 minutes

This is a timeless message that may help correct whatever wrong custom is being followed to get to the marriage altar in any country in the world. The use of this central Bible truth shows that some countries have moved to the left of God's plan while others have departed to the right. The Bride Price was the first and foremost of three different earthly gifts that are related to marriage. It also intricately ties in with the way God views human life. God's viewpoint is that people are either "not betrothed," "betrothed," or "married." The Bride Price may be a material gift, but is primarily the self-sacrifice of the young man. Paying this price accomplishes several things for both the young man, his betrothed, and their families. The primary thing it does, however, is to give to the bride-to-be a feeling of great worth.
Running Time: 66 minutes
More than once in history key truth in some area of human life has been crushed to the earth. However, “Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. The eternal years of God are hers.” An unexpected enemy that often fights against truth is testimony. Testimonies are so powerful that we are all regularly affected by them. Because of their power, testimonies must not be allowed to become perverted. “Sure” testimonies make simple people wise. But perverted testimonies make wise people become simple and deceived! Even negative testimonies can be “sure” and have a positive impact if those who give them are humble to point out their own failures.

Two questions that should be asked about any testimony are:
  1. Is there any Scripture that supports this?
  2. Is there any Scripture that challenges this? Because ofgenerations of deception, “sure” testimonies are especially important in relation to youth getting to the marriage altar.

Running Time: 70 minutes
Why Satan Wants the First Born & What To Do About It Why Should I Repent? Understanding Baptism
A quick perusal of the Scriptures will demonstrate clearly and powerfully that God wanted all the first things–the first born sheep; the first of the crops; the first of any money; the first day of the week; the first year of marriage; and the first born child or son. It is also clear that SATAN WANTS WHAT GOD WANTS. Those who understand the Bible and history understand that this especially applies to the first born child. Do you know why Pastors and Christian leaders have three times as much difficulty training their firstborns? Do you know the consequences of not giving God the first things? Entire families should watch this video, but especially parents and their first born children.

Running time: 59 minutes

An intensive Bible study of the Doctrine of Repentance, showing the necessity of repentance for salvation.

Running time: 56 minutes

A detailed Bible exposition of an important doctrine where there is much confusion.

Running time: 65 minutes
5 Reasons Why I Am NOT a 5-Point Calvinist God's Weightiest Commands to Husbands, Wives & Parents How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage
Many Scriptures clearly emphasize that Jesus died for everyone, that God calls and draws everyone to Himself, and that the reason people are not saved is not that God is not willing, but that men refuse to come to Christ. The TULIP Calvinist changes all that to teach that Jesus died only for those whom God chose. Those people will be saved while all others will be damned. This message shows that Calvinism:
  1. Presents an unbiblical, unbalanced, and distorted view of God.
  2. Leaves man without personal responsibility.
  3. Makes salvation confusing and complicated.
  4. Produces bad fruit.
  5. Destroys the main incentive for missions and soulwinning–compassion for the lost.

(This message uses Dave Hunt’s book, What Love Is This?, as a major resource.).

Running time: 58 & 55 minutes

Parents sometimes wonder why, when they have done so many positive things, their children rebel. A husband or wife, filled with love for his or her mate, is often shocked that something serious is wrong in their relationship. The Bible is filled with positive commands that are important commands. But the weightiest commands are the negative commands. Adam and Eve broke one negative command and plunged the world into sin. Lot’s wife broke one negative command and became a pillar of salt. The un-named prophet broke God’s negative command and a lion killed him. A parent may keep all the positive commands and yet have a child who rebels because the parent breaks the most important command in the Bible to parents: “Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath.” God’s weightiest command to husbands is, “be not bitter against [your wives].” Husbands and wives are both negatively commanded: “Defraud ye not one the other. . .”

Running time: 63 minutes

Without a doubt, a wife’s most important responsibility in relation to her husband is to reverence him.

Submission is a wife’s position.
Reverence is her practice or activity.

Reverence is the command that balances and gives meaning to submission. It is also the thing that makes a wife a success as a wife. The need of a wife, given by her Creator, is for the security of her husband’s love. The need of a husband is for his wife’s reverence.

  • Reverence motivates a husband.
  • It moves him.
  • It builds him.
  • It lifts him.
  • It challenges him.
  • It empowers him.
  • It encourages him.

This message explains what reverence is, and also tells what it is not. It also tells how a wife used the power of reverence to save her marriage and win her husband to Christ.

Running time: 59 minutes

The Attitude No Lady Should Have The 7-Fold Power of a Wife's Submission How to Avoid the Destructiveness of a Wrong Self-Image
There was a home to which Jesus retreated that was full of hospitality, warmth, graciousness, and friendship. This was the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. This message focuses on the lady named Martha. Martha had many wonderful character qualities. She was orderly, diligent, generous, hospitable, concerned, loving, and faithful. But Martha had an attitude that every lady should examine her life to make sure she doesn't have. This attitude was seen very clearly in the way Martha acted and reacted to Jesus. EVERY TIME THE SCRIPTURES SHOW MARTHA SPEAKING SHE IS REBUKING THE LORD JESUS. Obviously, an attitude that could rebuke Jesus is a wrong attitude that could rebuke anyone! The power of a Godly lady is not in her ability to rebuke, but rather in her ability to wisely appeal. The Martha attitude was an inattentive attitude; an impatient attitude; an intolerant attitude; and an "I'm right and you're wrong!" attitude. Fortunately, the Martha attitude is one that Jesus is able to correct.

Running time: 87 minutes

One of the most difficult commands in the Bible for some wives is "submit unto your own husbands as unto the Lord." For many wives this creates "a double fear with terror" concerning what their husbands might do. On the contrary, the only way a wife has to make her husband a good "head of their home" instead of a bad one is for her to use the incredibly powerful tool of submission.

When submission is combined with "reverence," seven types of dynamite power  are released: 

  1. The power to change her whole attitude toward life.  
  2. The power to protect her from her husband's foolish decisions. 
  3. The power to grow her spiritually.
  4. The power to make her husband what God intends him to be. 
  5. The power to influence him to do good or evil.
  6. The power to protect her husband's vulnerable back. 
  7. The power to change her husband.

Running time: 67 minutes

Out of all the messages Dr. Davis preaches, he feels this may be the most important one for young ladies. One of the biggest things that happens when a person allows unconfessed sin to stay in his or her life is that the sin destroys the person’s feeling of worth. The sewage of sin is so personal that it’s hard for you to get it in you without feeling like it is you. If you have no feeling of worth, then you will also see no reason to live. God doesn’t mean for us to be proud, but He does mean for us to feel like we’re special to Him! Any person can feel badly about himself. But it’s really easy for a lady to feel badly about herself. A lady can do little or nothing wrong and still feel worthless. Powerfully illustrated with many incredible stories, this message will explain why ladies will seek out or stay with abusive men. More importantly, this will explain why and how to deal with sin in the life and why and how to stay close to God.

Running time: 62 minutes

How to Forgive Yourself Is a Man's Home a Biblical Priority? The Language of the Christian's Clothing

It’s easier to forgive someone who’s done you wrong than it is to forgive yourself. It is possible to forgive yourself. Here’s how!

Running time: 57 minutes

Great preachers and other Christians have limited their lives' impacts by putting their ministries ahead of their families. This cassette tells you what the Bible says about priorities in life.
The most important clothing for the Christian is not the clothing of the body. The most important clothing for the Christian is the clothing of the soul. The Bible gives at least five types of clothing for the soul. Once a person is wearing the proper clothing on their soul, they will want to know what is the proper clothing for the body. INNER CLOTHING RELATES TO OUTER CLOTHING. Those who say that outer clothing is not important to God need to remember that clothing was the first area God dealt with in relation to Adam and Eve after they sinned. Since it is not possible to determine proper clothing by human reason, we must study God’s Word. Here we find what is modesty and what is nakedness, and what is proper and improper for both men and women.

Running time: 120 minutes