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The Story of the 10 Lepers MP3 God’s Antidote for the Poison of Bitterness MP3 Three Key Elements of Successful Parenting (MP3 Download)
The Story of the 10 Lepers

Running time: 61 minutes
Though there may be some exceptions, generally speaking, if a child chooses evil as an adult it is probably because his parents failed in some way to properly train him as a child. There are 3 ABCs of Successful Parenting that work together to help parents produce wise, godly children. Always win in training the child to obey. The parent, not the child, must be the winner in every contest of wills. A teenage rebel is often the product of a child who was not made to obey. Be gentle. Firmness must be balanced with gentleness or it easily becomes harshness. Greatness in a child is produced by gentleness in his parents. Consistently be consistent. Parents must not “start and stop.” They must stand together so that children know it is not possible to “pit one against the other.”

Running time: 58 minutes
Four Things Children Need from Parents (MP3 Download) Anger the Destroyer (MP3 Download) Are You Offended or Unoffendable? (MP3 Download)

Esau’s life was one of the most tragic of any man’s life in the Bible. He was a man with good parentage, a good lineage, and great opportunities. But he was profane and probably wound up in Hell. Though he made his own choices, there were also some negative forces working in Esau’s life. And there were some positive gifts his parents should have given him to help him overcome those negative things. Every child needs the gift of:

  1. Parents with a stable marriage–every child needs both a father and a mother.
  2. Impartial parents who love each child with unconditional love.
  3. Praise and encouragement–every child needs the motivation of feeling a sense of worth.
  4. A genuine spiritual example so a child can learn to love God and the things of God.

Running time: 58 minutes

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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that anger leads to murder. Probably the number one thing that is spiritually killing the children in Bible-believing homes and churches is the anger of one or both of the parents. Anger also destroys the oneness between a husband and wife. Many parents think their wrath is justified by their children’s disobedience and rebellion. It is more likely that the rebellion is caused and escalated by the anger. Your anger isn’t caused by what is outside you; it is caused by what is happening inside you. Anger usually comes from either pride or tension from unresolved guilt.

God describes anger as:
  • A city without walls
  • An unbearable load
  • A flood
  • A poisonous snake
  • A fire-breathing dragon.
Here are seven key thoughts to stop
Anger the Destroyer.

Running time: 59 minutes

We are in a war and the enemy is out to stop you and defeat you. But he wants to do it in such a way that you will agree with him that it was justified. You will unwittingly accept defeat. And the way he’ll do it is with...offenses.

Jesus promised you and me that "offenses will come."

It’s almost like God Himself deliberately offends people or allows others to offend them because He has a positive purpose in doing so. God does this to humble us so He can then give us His grace so He can exalt us. If the Syrophoenician woman had been easily offended she would have never found God’s healing for her daughter. When offenses come we either take them personally and get offended, or we say, “God is trying to give me grace so I can move forward in my Christian life!”

"The destiny God has for man unfolds or dies at the junction of offense.”

Anytime you hear of someone who has gotten offended, your next thought should be, “I wonder what phenomenal blessing God was about to give them that they’ve now lost out on!”

"I've been a pastor here for 18 years. I've never had a message that so positively affected our church as '

Are You Offended or Unoffendable?'" - NC Pastor

Are You a Dad or Just a Father (MP3 Download) Bible Pictures of Godly Children (MP3 Download) God's Weightiest Commands to Husbands, Wives & Parents (MP3 Download)

Word pictures are powerful vehicles to communicate truth. God didn’t just tell us when and how to teach our children. God also painted several pictures for us of Godly children so we would know what to expect. To have sons as “plants grown up in their youth” requires insisting on a maturity that knows and accepts obedience, responsibility, and respectfulness.“Polished corner stones” refers to daughters who are prominent with the unusual beauty and brightness of holiness. Their countenance radiates with the light of God. “Arrows in the hand of a mighty man” is a picture of parents with a vision of purpose for their children. A soldier’s life was at stake each time he strung his bow. Each arrow had to be perfectly carved and balanced so it would fly unerringly into the enemy’s stronghold to do damage to the enemy’s forces. “Like olive plants” powerfully portrays Godly generational succession.

Parents sometimes wonder why, when they have done so many positive things, their children rebel. A husband or wife, filled with love for his or her mate, is often shocked that something serious is wrong in their relationship. The Bible is filled with positive commands that are important commands. But the weightiest commands are the negative commands. Adam and Eve broke one negative command and plunged the world into sin. Lot’s wife broke one negative command and became a pillar of salt. The un-named prophet broke God’s negative command and a lion killed him. A parent may keep all the positive commands and yet have a child who rebels because the parent breaks the most important command in the Bible to parents: “Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath.” God’s weightiest command to husbands is, “be not bitter against [your wives].” Husbands and wives are both negatively commanded: “Defraud ye not one the other. . .”

Running time: 63 minutes

How to Bless Your Children and Others (MP3 Download) How to Develop Character in Your Children (MP3 Download) How to Find or Leave a Church (MP3 Download)

One of the most powerful things a parent does for his child is to bless him, and one of the most terrible things any parent does is to curse his child. But blessings should not be limited to children. We should bless: the LORD; our nation; the lost; those who curse us; every member of our family; and especially those whose father did not give them the blessing. This message not only gives a solid Biblical foundation for understanding the blessing, but also explains how to use Scriptures and songs to give it. Also covered is why the blessing is important, when to give it and what happens when people don’t get it. (An unusual feature of this study is that Dr. Davis demonstrates how he uses the songs he wrote for his first 8 grandchildren right after they were born to bless them on a regular basis.)

Running time: 59 minutes

Jesus was called the “express image” of God in Hebrews 1:3. The Greek word for “express image” is “character.” Jesus had the mark or character of the Father on Him. In a different yet similar way, you and I should have the mark of the character of Jesus upon our lives. This message gives 4 ways to develop character in children.

Running time: 64 minutes

The most important decision of human life is . . . to trust Christ as Saviour.

The second most important decision is . . . concerning whom you will marry.

And the third most important decision may be . . . the church you attend and join. But for some people the choice of a church becomes the most important choice of life because without the right church you may not properly make the first two choices!

How do you find a church? The answer is simple but profound. Find a church that is preaching and encouraging its people to practice God’s truth.

When do you leave a church? When God moves you to a new location or you’re being sent or called to another ministry. You must also leave a church when it ceases to teach, preach or practice the truth.

When do you not leave a church? When you’re upset about something that is not a legitimate Biblical reason to be upset. Many people have left good churches for wrong reasons and have thereby destroyed their own family. Because the church is Biblically your second family, it becomes the safety net for your first family. Many young people’s entire lives and futures have been saved simply because the safety net was in place on the one day of their lives when it was desperately needed.

Running Time 78 minutes

How to Get or Give Wise Counsel (MP3 Download) How to Help a Man With His Anger (MP3 Download) How to Help Rebellious Adopted or Stepchildren (MP3 Download)
An absolutely indispensable part of any successful life is the ability to know how to get wise counsel. Proverbs 11:14 not only teaches that you need several wise counselors, but also that you will probably experience significant failure or destruction if you don’t find them. Sadly, many people don’t realize their need for counsel. “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.” There are people whose homes are falling apart, but they will tell you they don’t need any counsel. This message will tell you how to get counsel that will be as wise as if you walked into God’s private office, closed the door and let Him share personal secrets just with you.

Running Time: 61 minutes

A wife asked, “What can I do to help my husband with his anger?”
An older son asked, “What do I do when my father gets angry? How am I supposed to respond?”

  1. Understand that there are probably things you don’t understand.
  2. Deal properly with your own anger:
    • Acknowledge that it is sin.
    • Control your anger God’s way.
  3. Deflect anger:
    • Answer back gently.
    • Give a gift to the angry person.
  4. Do not deliver an angry person from the consequences of his anger.
  5. Use emotional word pictures.
  6. Seek and pray for the skill of patience.
  7. Use spiritual weapons to defeat his carnal weapons:
    • We’re born knowing how to use carnal weapons.
    • Carnal weapons are deceitful.
    • Spiritual weapons are more powerful!

Running time: 54 minutes

A wife asked, “What can I do to help my husband with his anger?”
An older son asked, “What do I do when my father gets angry? How am I supposed to respond?”

  1. Understand that there are probably things you don’t understand.
  2. Deal properly with your own anger:
    • Acknowledge that it is sin.
    • Control your anger God’s way.
  3. Deflect anger:
    • Answer back gently.
    • Give a gift to the angry person.
  4. Do not deliver an angry person from the consequences of his anger.
  5. Use emotional word pictures.
  6. Seek and pray for the skill of patience.
  7. Use spiritual weapons to defeat his carnal weapons:
    • We’re born knowing how to use carnal weapons.
    • Carnal weapons are deceitful.
    • Spiritual weapons are more powerful!

Running time: 54 minutes

How to Help Weak Children Become Strong (MP3 Download) How to Keep Children from Getting Bitter (MP3 Download) How to Parent as a Team (MP3 Download)

The Apostle Peter thought he was strong when he was actually weak. Wise parents must discern about their children and their children’s friends - who is strong, who is weak, who is backslidden, and who is lost. The strong may spend time with the others, but the weak can only be with others when someone strong is also present. Jesus had spent time with sinners with His disciples with Him. However, when Peter warmed by the fire of the enemy without a strong person present, his weakness became quickly evident. Two young people may be fine Christians, but if they are both weak, they will pull each other down. This message not only encourages the strong to support the weak, but also gives the secret to becoming strong. Also included are the 5 types of fools - Simple, Silly, Sporting, Scorning, and Committed.

Running time: 59 minutes

The 1st mention of bitterness in the Bible was in a son–Esau, the child of Isaac and Rebekah. When he felt he had been done wrong, Esau cried out with a “bitter cry.” Esau wound up rejecting the grace of God and becoming a profane fornicator. It is like God was saying to all parents: Protect your children from becoming bitter. HOW?
  1. Emphasize to children the importance of forgiveness and never becoming bitter.
  2. Teach them how to control their angry natures.
  3. Stay with your original mate.
  4. Keep lines of communication open.
  5. Draw the line of obedience where God draws it.
  6. Take seriously God’s negative commands.
  7. Get victory over anger.
  8. Fathers must be involved with ALL their children.
  9. Teach children to run TO responsibility.
  10. Encourage children to receive the grace God offers them.
Running time: 56 minutes

In Proverbs 6, God chose the analogy of a lamp and its light to picture how a father and mother are to function as a team in parenting. Just as the wick could not function without the lamp, nor the lamp function without the wick, so a father and mother are to demonstrate oneness in the teaching and discipline of their children. The commandment of the father is like the government that spells out clearly what is expected of the people. The law of the mother is like a good police officer enforcing the laws of the government on a day by day basis. What happens if a father doesn’t make a commandment? Then the mother’s law will be as flimsy as if a policeman tried to deal with someone without the government to back him up. This message explains when and how a father needs to step in and deal with a problem.

Running time: 60 minutes

How to Pass on Your Convictions to Your Children (MP3 Download) How to Protect Your Child (MP3 Download) How to Stop the Curse of Rebellious Children (MP3 Download)
In I Kings 3:5, “the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.” Solomon wisely asked for an understanding heart.

Knowledge is learning what God wants me to do. Wisdom is learning how to do it. Understanding is learning why to do it. God isn’t just interested in you knowing what you believe. God is also interested in you knowing why you believe what you believe.

In Proverbs God not only told the young man to avoid the strange woman and the evil man. God also told him why. When children ask the question, “Why?” it is not enough for parents to answer, “Because I said so.” A key to passing beliefs, standards, and convictions on to the next generation is by giving them understanding. Understanding is also vitally important as a motivation to cause someone to seek after knowledge.

Running time: 62 minutes

In the incredibly dangerous world in which we live, wise parents need God’s wisdom to discern real dangers and how to protect against them.

Running time: 49 minutes

With the curse of teen rebellion continuing to rise, parents and pastors need these truths from Luke 1:17

Running time: 65 minutes

How to Train Children to Refuse Evil & Choose Good (MP3 Download) Key Truths Single Parents Need to Raise Godly Children (MP3 Download) My Son Give Me Thine Heart (MP3 Download)
What if it were truly possible to train a child to refuse evil and choose good? What more important thing could a parent do for his child?! Is such a thing even possible? Yes! How? By culturing simple appetites for the ‘best of the best’ in one’s child. The prevailing philosophy of our day that says we should expose a child to lots of good AND evil and let him choose is wrong! Such a child will, most likely, choose evil. The land of Canaan was a “land flowing with milk and honey.” A “butter and honey” diet would be a diet even better than “milk and honey.” This message explains and illustrates the “butter and honey diet” parents need to feed their children to train them to refuse evil and choose good. It also teaches how to decrease wrong appetites and increase right appetites.
Running time: 56 minutes

The thirteen verses of Second John were written specifically to a lady and her children who were “walking in truth.”

The story of Dr. Jack Hyles being raised by his Mother is woven throughout this message which tells single mothers or fathers:

1 – Accept your position as a single parent without bitterness or anger toward God or others.

2 – Make God and your children your top priority relationships.

3 – Show respect for, loyalty to, and trust in spiritual authority figures.

(1) To provide a “safety net” for your children.
(2) To protect your family from deception.
(3) To portray for children role models they need.

4 – Be a servant leader, not a sympathy leader or dictatorial leader.

5 – Seek the “full reward” God has for you and your children.

The “heart” was not made to be kept. God made the heart in such a way that fulfillment comes in giving it away. If I give my heart away, I have given my life away! This is the reason Satan does all he can to get us to give our hearts to anyone except those God intends.
Absalom is the Bible illustration of a young man who thought his father did not love him and therefore rebelled against his father. With him went 200 men who were "simpleminded and knew not anything." Those men were comparable to friends in our day who do not really know the things they think they know about one another.

You will never forget the story of the girl who said to her Mother “I hate you. I wish you were dead!”
You will never forget the midnight trip to the African river.
You will never forget the face in the casket.


As a Parent that might be dealing with a rebel problem in a child, your first reaction may be to show this DVD to your rebel thinking it will result in immediate repentance and change. It may actually do the direct opposite of what you are wanting and cause them to become worse. It is for that reason that we beg you to listen to our counsel when we say, “PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ONLY THIS DVD TO A REBEL RIGHT AWAY!” Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.

Running time: 104 minutes

Don't Stop Communicating (MP3 Download) Ruth and Boaz A Biblical Love Story (MP3 Download) The Sin of Silence MP3 - MP3 Download

Running time: 60 minutes

Ruth and Boaz A Biblical Love Story (MP3 Download)

The story of Ruth and Boaz is a Biblical love story. It is an unusual, exciting, romantic story of how a beautiful widow lady wound up marrying a strong-charactered, wealthy gentleman.



A key feature of this message is an explanation of the Biblical term “shamedfacedness.” Also described is what a young man should look for in a young lady when thinking about marriage. Fathers and Mothers are also strongly encouraged to HAVE SOME CLEAR PLAN for their family in relation to getting their children to the marriage altar.

Running time: 59 minutes

The Sin of Silence

Almost any time a child gets in trouble it happens because the parent did not know something going on in his child's life that he needed to know. A true witness is careful about things he should NOT say. A true witness is also careful to NOT KEEP SILENT when he needs to speak. A true witness knows that, to keep silent when truth needs to be spoken, may bring terrible destruction to the lives of people. True friends will not cover up for friends who do wrong. Truth that will free others from bondage must be told. The key truth expounded and explained in this message is:


Running time: 65 minutes

The Life Transforming Power of Kindness MP3

Kindness is thought of by many people as a weak, wimpy sort of a thing that everybody should use sometime and most of us should use a little more than we do.

On the contrary, kindness is a powerful force that emanates from God Himself that will transform your life and the lives of those around you if you will use it properly and consistently.

Proverbs 31 referred to the “Law of kindness.” A law sets parameters. The “Law of kindness” says that you and I should not leave the parameters of kindness in the words we say or the way we say them.

Kindness not only makes you a desirable person to be around, but it will also make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

God, Who is always kind, uses His kindness to win our hearts. And few things are as effective to reach the hearts of children as parents consistently being kind.

Anger is powerful, but kindness is more powerful! In fact, kindness can be used as a spiritual weapon to defeat bitterness, anger, envy and vengeance.

Finally, some of the most powerful stories in the Bible and in human life are stories where people used the power of kindness to repay kindnesses shown to them.

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Running Time: 61 minutes
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