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Changing the Heart of a Rebel Stay in the Castle The Princess & the Kiss
Stay in the Castle
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The Princess & the Kiss
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Many testimonies from around the world attest to the effectiveness of the Biblical principles expounded in this message. Parents of younger children say that the message has helped them understand parenting so as to prevent problems with their children. Some parents say they listen to the message every few weeks to help them stay "on track" as a parent. Still other parents have found the message to be the "lifeline" to stop a descent into destruction and save the life and future of their rebellious teen.

Running time: 64 minutes

Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.
Stay in the Castle is a story written by Pastor Jerry Ross about a young lady who finds herself at a crossroads. One road is marked, "My will,” the other, "God's will.” It is a love story–a story of misplaced love, lost love and genuine love realized. Best of all, Stay in the Castle is a true story. This little book is a very powerful emotional word picture used to help one girl realize that she needed to “stay in the castle” and wait for her knight to come for her. It is a story written for girls of all ages challenging them not to settle for second best, but to wait for God to bring their knight. This small, paper-back book has helped many youth! (Especially for teen and young adult ladies.)

From the Book: Long ago, in a wonderful castle on a mountain of splendor, a beautiful princess was born. Her parents were the king and queen of the mountain and all the green valley below. The king and queen loved the little princess even before she was born. On the day she came into the world, the royal couple gave their daughter a very special gift from God - her first kiss. While the princess was growing up, the king and queen kept this precious gift safe in their care. When the princess was finally grown, the king and queen called her to their side. "We have something very special to give you," said the queen. Up, up, up the royal family went to a secret room in a tower of the castle. On an elegant table in the center of the room was the same gift given to the princess long ago ... the kiss.

This is a full color,hard back book of a fictional story that children (especially young children) of all ages will enjoy, while teaching how important it is to save your first kiss until after you are married. This is a wonderful tool to help explain this important truth to young children.

Born That Way After All
Born That Way After All
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Imagine growing up and knowing there is something different about you. You wonder why you don’t have the same desires your friends have towards the opposite sex. You try to get interested in dating, but deep down inside you know there is no interest, no feelings. Others treat you different and sometimes ridicule or bully you. At times you feel weird, different, like an outcast, even in your own home, school, or church. Thoughts flood your mind as you search for answers. It seems obvious, on TV, the movies; everywhere you turn there are people that appear to be a lot like you. You know God’s view, but so many people now accept this lifestyle; could this be the answer you have struggled to find? Finally, you are convinced that you must be gay! You may have an answer, but can this be the only sensible explanation for your feelings?

In Born That Way After All, you will see the Biblical fact of men and women who were created different and special. They were not created to be gay, but rather, unique servants of the Lord that Jesus called Eunuchs. Matthew 19:12 says, "For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb."

Born That Way After All is a work from God that we believe can be a life changing event, a change of course for many who feel trapped. Though written to the one who may feel defeated in this area, every person should learn the Scriptural truth of this message so that their knowledge can be used to help others in this same situation. This truth applies to all of humanity. God has created every human being with a purpose and some are created with a unique purpose for their life.

192 pages in length

“This book was recommended by a friend I respect. But I entered into reading it very skeptical, until I got about 1/4 of the way in.
Mr Nixon has taken hold of a passage that has long perplexed many and given a very plausible interpretation.
Some of his sweeping opinions may not resonate completely, but his foundation is sound. He may just have the answer for many caught in this trap.

This book if very much worth consideration by anyone who is concerned about the subject of homosexuality/lesbianism AND concerned about following Biblical truth at the same time.” - Doug Hammett

"This book has totally changed my perspective on the issue of homosexuality. As a Christian I thought that I was doing God's will in how I was looking at this issue. I was at a loss on how to witness effectively towards them. This book has helped reveal to me the true Biblical way that God has laid out for this. Prior to reading this book I would say that it's wrong period, end of story. As I have learned from life and God. You can't just point out a problem without putting forward a solution. This book has shown me that solution." - Mike

“Easy to read and follow. Great message and can be very helpful. Truly inspired. Thank God for this book and I pray people read it for the message or delivers.” - Michael