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Don't Stop Communicating!
Don't Stop Communicating!




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When someone rejects us or attacks us, our natural reaction is to restrict our heart and squeeze them out. The Apostle Paul did the very opposite of that with the church at Corinth. He said, “O ye Corinthians, our mouth is open unto you. Our heart is enlarged.”

The open mouth is a symbol of full, open, honest communication. The enlarged heart means that you keep people in your heart, even when they are making it difficult for you to do so.

The solution to problems in marriage or parenting or any other relationship is almost always communication.

When it is difficult to communicate is when it is most important to do so.
If you do not deliberately spend time communicating with the people who are important in your life, then the door of communication and the door of relationship will slowly, gradually, completely close.

Most of the reasons people give for stopping communication, even when they give Bible verses for it, are not legitimate reasons. When someone has walked away from God, the path they need to be able to come back will probably be the path of your communication with them.

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