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Sinning Against Great Light
Sinning Against Great Light


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There are many blessings that God gives to each person, but the greatest blessing of all of human life is spiritual light.

Perhaps no other city in the history of the world had the opportunities and spiritual light that did the city of Capernaum. Matthew referred to it as Jesus’ “own city!” More than half of the recorded miracles of Jesus were performed in or around Capernaum! One of the most amazing statements of Jesus was when he said that if Sodom had had the “mighty works” done in Capernaum that Sodom “would have remained until this day!”

God gives some measure of spiritual light to every person who has ever lived. If they respond to that light, then He gives more light. If they reject that light, they move into darkness.

The privileges and opportunities of great light are also a great responsibility. For someone to experience great light and then walk away from it is one of the most dangerous things a person can do.

Running Time: 63 minutes

Sinning Against Great Light

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