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Personal Responsibility
Personal Responsibility




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One of the most powerful forces in human life is that of influence. But there is something that supercedes influence. That something is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. "You and I are right now what we are because that is what we have chosen to be." Both Jeremiah & Ezekiel lived when the storm clouds of the Babylonian captivity were gathering. Both of them heard people giving the parable of the sour grapes--blaming their parents for the impending judgement of God. Ezekiel drew for them an unusual picture of a righteous father, who had a wicked son, who in turn had a righteous son. He was saying to them that each person is ultimately responsible to God for himself. God holds each person responsible for his thoughts, his actions, his worship, his morality, his honesty, & his eternal destiny. This is a key message for anyone with a sin problem to hear so that he is able to get help for himself by accepting personal responsibility for his life.

Running time: 51 minutes

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