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Key Truths Single Parents Need to Raise Godly Children
Key Truths Single Parents Need to Raise Godly Children




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The thirteen verses of Second John were written specifically to a lady and her children who were “walking in truth.”

The story of Dr. Jack Hyles being raised by his Mother is woven throughout this message which tells single mothers or fathers:

1 – Accept your position as a single parent without bitterness or anger toward God or others.

2 – Make God and your children your top priority relationships.

3 – Show respect for, loyalty to, and trust in spiritual authority figures.

(1) To provide a “safety net” for your children.

(2) To protect your family from deception.

(3) To portray for children role models they need.

4 – Be a servant leader, not a sympathy leader or dictatorial leader.

5 – Seek the “full reward” God has for you and your children.

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