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How to Treat a Wounded Spirit
How to Treat a Wounded Spirit | Solve Family Problems




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The most deadly wound you may experience in life may not be a wound to the flesh, but may be a wound to your spirit. There are people who have gone through terrible physical trauma but have survived because their spirit was strong. There are also people who have died when there was very little wrong with them because their spirit was wounded. The real cause behind divorce is often a wounded spirit. A wounded spirit can shut down communication between parents and children. People have left good churches and lost good jobs for the same reason. When Proverbs 18:14 says, "…a wounded spirit who can bear?" it does not mean there is no way to treat the problem. The same "dagger-like tongue" that was used to cut, burn and pierce can also be used to bring healing. It is also possible to treat yourself by giving yourself spiritual first aid. You must also recognize that deep wounds take a period of time to properly and completely heal.

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