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How to Avoid Confusion Concerning Betrothal
How to Avoid Confusion Concerning Betrothal


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More than once in history key truth in some area of human life has been crushed to the earth. However, “Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. The eternal years of God are hers.” An unexpected enemy that often fights against truth is testimony. Testimonies are so powerful that we are all regularly affected by them. Because of their power, testimonies must not be allowed to become perverted. “Sure” testimonies make simple people wise. But perverted testimonies make wise people become simple and deceived! Even negative testimonies can be “sure” and have a positive impact if those who give them are humble to point out their own failures.

Two questions that should be asked about any testimony are:
  1. Is there any Scripture that supports this?
  2. Is there any Scripture that challenges this? Because ofgenerations of deception, “sure” testimonies are especially important in relation to youth getting to the marriage altar.

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