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Avoiding Defrauding in Relationships
Avoiding Defrauding in Relationships


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God apparently takes very seriously His command in I Thessalonians 4:6 against defrauding. It may be the only command where God promises to carry out vengeance on His own children who do such a thing! Part of the message God is trying to communicate to us is that we must understand the three phases of human life as God Who created them views them. Those phases are "Single" or "Not Betrothed," "Betrothed" or "Espoused," and "Married." Each of these phases has a specific purpose. Phase one serves as a foundation for phase two. Then the first two phases serve as a foundation for phase three. Since most people have not understood God's clear and unique purposes for phase two, they have "despised" Betrothal and tried to keep it out of their lives. This in turn has perverted the "love" that belongs in Betrothal and turned it into "lust" among those who are single. God's method to stop defrauding is to put to death inordinate affections by stabbing or starving them and to establish betrothals, not with courting, but with questions.

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