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Parenting with a Diligent Hand
Parenting with a Diligent Hand




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Proverbs 10:4 draws a sharp contrast between a “slack hand” and a “diligent hand.” What is a slack hand that produces poor character in children? It is letting children get by with something when they should not get by. It is not having a firm grip on what is going on in your child's life. The golden hand of the diligent parent is far more likely to produce the riches of charactered, happy, obedient, respectful, godly children than the slack hand. Many godly parents lose their children, not because they give them permission to do wrong when they ask to do something they should not do. They lose their children because the parent finds out something the child has done wrong and then just lets it go. A parent's slack hand of inactivity becomes permission in itself! This DVD encourages parents to not only use a diligent hand to determine the child's path, but also to not let the child get off the right way for any of seven key reasons.

Running time: 58 minutes

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