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My Son, Give Me Thine Heart
My Son, Give Me Thine Heart


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The “heart” was not made to be kept. God made the heart in such a way that fulfillment comes in giving it away. If I give my heart away, I have given my life away! This is the reason Satan does all he can to get us to give our hearts to anyone except those God intends.
Absalom is the Bible illustration of a young man who thought his father did not love him and therefore rebelled against his father. With him went 200 men who were "simpleminded and knew not anything." Those men were comparable to friends in our day who do not really know the things they think they know about one another.

You will never forget the story of the girl who said to her Mother “I hate you. I wish you were dead!”
You will never forget the midnight trip to the African river.
You will never forget the face in the casket.


As a Parent that might be dealing with a rebel problem in a child, your first reaction may be to show this DVD to your rebel thinking it will result in immediate repentance and change. It may actually do the direct opposite of what you are wanting and cause them to become worse. It is for that reason that we beg you to listen to our counsel when we say, “PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ONLY THIS DVD TO A REBEL RIGHT AWAY!” Before purchasing this product, if you know that you're dealing with a rebellion problem, please read our "Help for Rebels" information sheet located under the Free Resources section of our website.

Running time: 104 minutes

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