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Strategy for Victory in Spiritual Warfare
Strategy for Victory in Spiritual Warfare


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The date was Jan. 17, 1781. The place was THE COWPENS in northern S. C. What took place there on that day literally turned the course of history. For days American General Daniel Morgan had led his men in fleeing from the British, led by Banastre “Bloody" Tarleton. But in less than one hour an inferior army of 900 Americans had defeated a British army of 1,100 highly trained soldiers. The British had 110 dead, 200 wounded, 500 captured, and General Tarleton was running for his life! The Americans lost only 12 men, had 60 wounded, and no one was captured. How did it happen? The answer is one word - STRATEGY! That word is also the reason Christians win or lose in their spiritual battles. The Battle of Cowpens is, in many ways, the ideal illustration of proper strategy for spiritual warfare. The Christian must know and wisely use his weapons. He must also know the carnal things that are not to be used as weapons. He should know his enemy and his enemy's strategy. And, of great importance, he must know WHEN TO RUN, WHEN TO ATTACK, AND WHEN TO STAND.

Running time: 72 minutes

This is Dr. Davis' favorite of all of his messages.

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