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What Impatience Does Understanding Scorn & Mockery The High Cost of Anger
The servant who owed a tremendous debt said to his Lord, “Have patience with me and I will pay thee all.” But when forgiven he did not want to express that same patience to a fellow servant. Instead, with anger he cast him into prison. So all of us want God to be patient with us, but we don’t always want to give that same patience to others. Impatience and anger are like sister sins, with one leading quickly to the other. If you develop patience, you are far more likely to not sin by getting angry. The biggest problem parents have in raising children is not the children. It is the parents’ own impatience & anger. Impatience produces anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. It demonstrates a lack of true love. Impatience cuts you off from the blessings of patience, while increasing the number of your trials. This message also gives seven steps to develop patience.

Running time: 63 minutes

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Mockery, like anger, is a powerful emotional force. Also like anger, it is a negative force. In the Bible it was almost always used by a proud person who was trying to stop or hinder the work of God or the truth of God. Mockery of truth was an attempt to get people to lay aside their minds and follow their emotions. Jesus faced much mockery while here on earth. Before His crucifixion, “Herod with his men of war...mocked Him.” The crown of thorns and gorgeous robe were mockery of Jesus being a king. Before Jesus raised a girl from the dead, “they laughed Him to scorn.” But Jesus “put them all out”! God’s punishment for their wrongful use of scorn was to let them miss the greatest opportunity of their lives! God also “scorneth the scorners.” It is questionable whether Christians should ever use mockery. Psalm 1:1 says, “Blessed is the man that...sitteth not in the seat of the scornful.”

Running time: 66 minutes
Proverbs 19:19 is a very significant verse for any angry person: "A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again." People who live with an angry person are continually having to "deliver him." In fact, they wind up doing it again and again and again.

Anger costs:
  1. The Time of others to deal with YOUR problem.
  2. Your own Testimony destroyed by the foolish things and the mean things that you do.
  3. The loss of your greatest earthly Treasure--the angry person destroys his relationships with the people he loves.

Running time: 53 minutes

"Are You Angry?" Book by Larry Darby [PDF]
How to Humble Yourself When Forgiveness Won't Work How to Tell True Repentance
The sin that seemed to bring God’s judgment in the most severe fashion in the Bible was the sin of pride. On the other hand, the one character quality that is the foundation for all other character qualities is humility. Every Christian should actively seek for ways to humble himself so that God does not have to humble him. Those whom God humbled often ended up humiliated. To humble yourself:
  1. Pass praise to God and others.
  2. Serve others instead of trying to impress them.
  3. Confess and ask forgiveness for your sins and your faults.
  4. Bless those that curse you.
  5. Welcome correction, criticism and put downs.
  6. Remember your own mortality.
  7. Make humility a lifelong quest.

Running time: 66 minutes
There is confusion among many Christians about the matter of forgiveness because they do not realize that forgiveness has two sides. The first side is the side of the “forgiver.” Christians must forgive fully, freely, and forever. The second side is the side of the one being forgiven. To be offered forgiveness is one thing. To be able to receive the forgiveness offered is something else. Even though forgiveness is offered, FORGIVENESS WON’T WORK unless the one who has done the wrong is truly repentant. In the parable of the prodigal son, both sons were forgiven. But only one of them received forgiveness because only one of them was truly repentant! Those who encourage acceptance without repentance are really encouraging indulgence and enslavement. With repentance comes cleansing, restoration, and forgiveness.

Running time: 57 minutes
A common response when a person is first confronted with sin is defensiveness and lying. One of the worst things that can happen at that point is for him to find someone who will give him sympathy. Only true repentance provides a foundation upon which a life can be rebuilt after there have been broken dreams, hopes, and lives. Repentance does not stop all of sin’s consequences, but it can cut down on the reaping of some of them. Jesus gave us a picture of the proper attitude of repentance when He told the story of the Pharisee and the Publican. Though both were sinners, one was proud and the other humble. One was defensive, and the other offered no defense. Paul expounded further on true repentance by showing that the difference in true and false repentance relates to the difference between worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow.

Running time: 55 minutes
How to Rebuild Broken Trust Nothing Shall Offend Them Key Character Qualities of a Godly Man
No matter what I do, my parents will never trust me again!” “Pastor, I want to forgive my husband, but how can I ever trust him again?” “Isn’t trust the foundation of a relationship? How can we let our runaway daughter come back home if we can’t trust her?” Trust is like a beautiful vase that has been shattered into a thousand pieces. How do you get it back together? YOU DON’T TRY! Instead, you do the things you need to do, pay the price of TIME and TRUE REPENTANCE, and God Himself will perform a miracle and restore the vase in such a way that it will be as beautiful as a brand new vase! What broke the trust? Lies, deceitfulness, disloyalty, rebellion, unfaithfulness, irresponsibility, etc. What should you do? Be honest, open, truthful, sincere, accountable, loyal, humble, submissive, etc. This video also tells the story of how Dr. Davis’ daughter broke and then rebuilt her parents’ trust.

Running time: 59 minutes
A key verse every Christian should engraft into his life is Psalm 119:165: “Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.” The Bible and human life are full of stories of people who became offended or took up someone else’s offense. True to the meaning of the word “offense,” which is “stumbling block,” those who become offended often stumble and fall or cause others to do so. David was a wise, gracious man who almost acted foolishly because he became offended at the unreasonable, ungrateful actions of the fool Nabal. But it is not only possible to get offended because of wrong actions. Many people get offended when someone does right! And some people get offended without any reason at all! For many years this was Dr. Davis’ most well known and requested message. Some consider it his most humorous message. Here you will learn the key principles necessary for Christians to live in harmony with one another.

Running time: 65 minutes

It is clearly God's plan that the husband and father in the home create a sense of security for his wife and children. Only as he manifests the key character qualities of a godly man is he able to do this. Such a man is truly spiritual--willing and ready to wage spiritual warfare on the behalf of his family. He is also selfless rather than self-centered. His love for his wife is a self sacrificing love like that of Christ for the church. Boaz in the book of Ruth was also pictured as being protective and decisive. This message, filled with Biblical and historical illustrations, is a powerful challenge to young and older men to be spiritual leaders who put "women and children first."

Running time: 59 minutes

How Right Priorities Prevent or Solve Life's Problems Strategy for Victory in Spiritual Warfare Understanding Biblical Leadership

A commonly asked question for years has been, "What is a top priority for a man--his job (or ministry) or his family?" Many men, including pastors, who have answered that question have lost their families. The reason they have lost their families is because the question itself is flawed, deceptive and misleading. The proper question to ask in relation to priorities is "Who is a man's top priority as far as relationships is concerned?" When that question is answered Biblically and properly then the answer provides a solid foundation for whatever ministry God gives a man. When the question is not answered Biblically, then devastating consequences may be the result.

Running time: 59 minutes

The date was Jan. 17, 1781. The place was THE COWPENS in northern S. C. What took place there on that day literally turned the course of history. For days American General Daniel Morgan had led his men in fleeing from the British, led by Banastre “Bloody" Tarleton. But in less than one hour an inferior army of 900 Americans had defeated a British army of 1,100 highly trained soldiers. The British had 110 dead, 200 wounded, 500 captured, and General Tarleton was running for his life! The Americans lost only 12 men, had 60 wounded, and no one was captured. How did it happen? The answer is one word - STRATEGY! That word is also the reason Christians win or lose in their spiritual battles. The Battle of Cowpens is, in many ways, the ideal illustration of proper strategy for spiritual warfare. The Christian must know and wisely use his weapons. He must also know the carnal things that are not to be used as weapons. He should know his enemy and his enemy's strategy. And, of great importance, he must know WHEN TO RUN, WHEN TO ATTACK, AND WHEN TO STAND.

Running time: 72 minutes

This is Dr. Davis' favorite of all of his messages.

A home, a church, a nation, or any other organization may find itself running wildly out of control until someone takes the reins of leadership and brings it back into control. There are 3 possible ways for someone to take the reins of leadership. But only one of them is God’s way. When King Saul shifted his style of leadership and became a sympathy leader, the results were disastrous. Sympathy Leadership should never be used by anyone at any time. The second style of leadership seen in the Bible was Dictatorial Leadership. It was always wrong and was clearly condemned by Jesus who modeled for us Servant Leadership. This message not only discusses leadership, but also discusses church government. It is also a strong challenge to young men to aspire to be strong, Godly leaders.

Running time: 75 minutes

10 Steps to Victory Over Lust How to Conquer Strong, Evil Habits Conquering Satan's Strongholds | Solve Family Problems

The typical male attitude toward lust is, “We're surrounded with images that stir up lust. There's nothing we can do about it. Everybody lusts. You can't help it. Just accept it and enjoy it. Just don't let anybody know you're enjoying it.” The problem with such thinking is that it overlooks the serious repercussions that Samson, David, and others faced because of lust. Lust destroyed Samson's ability to reason clearly. Lust undermines the trust of marriage and causes a wife to feel insecure and “used.” In this message, Dr. Davis gives 10 key thoughts for deliverance from the destructiveness of lust, along with an emphasis on men building accountability relationships with their wives and with other men.

Running time: 66 minutes

We are all creatures of habit. Good habits are wonderful things. But NOTHING of this world is as enslaving as a bad habit.

Many people, even Christians have found themselves trapped in a vicious, guilt - filled cycle:

  1. Enjoy some forbidden pleasure
  2. Feel guilty
  3. Confess the sin to God
  4. Determine to never do it again
  5. Feel good about a brief period of freedom
  6. Fail again.

So the cycle goes around and around and each time it goes around it creates deeper ruts (patterns) in the soul. The question for many “prisoners of habit” is, “How can I conquer this incredibly strong, evil habit?” Here are 10 key principles from God’s Word that can truly give you freedom!

Running time: 59 minutes

Revelation 12:9 says, “the Devil was cast out into the earth, & his angels with him.” But Satan & his demons do not simply “float around.” They look for a “place” to live. Ephesians 4:27 commands you and me as Christians to not give “place” to the devil. That Greek word is often translated “room.” Paul was saying, “Don’t give Satan a room - an area of control - a foothold - ground - in your life.” Usually, when Satan gets a room in a person’s life, he does it without them even knowing it! He doesn’t come in because you invite him. He slips in the back door.

How do Satan or his demons come in? Through:

  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Unforgiveness
  • Ungratefulness
  • Jealousy
  • Rebellion
  • Disobedience
  • Rock music
  • Pride
  • Etc.

This message has a powerful demonstration & illustration of how Satan takes a “little ground” in a person’s life and turns it into a stronghold! The hope of deliverance is also demonstrated.

Running time: 60 minutes

How to Deal with Guilt Intimacy in Marriage What God Expects From a 20 Year Old

Guilt was created by God to help us deal with our sin. It is also possible to have false guilt. This message addresses how to properly deal with guilt and understand how it may be helping or destroying us.

Running time: 59 minutes

In this 70 minute DVD given live at a Couples Marriage Retreat, Dr. S. M. Davis dealt Biblically, plainly and discreetly with one of the most important areas of human life, “Intimacy in Marriage.”

Four of the key areas for problems in marriages are:

  1. Communication
  2. In-law problems
  3. Finances
  4. Intimacy

A large number of couples have problems in this area that damages or destroys many marriages.

This is a very plain Bible message meant to be heard by Married Adults or those within one week of marriage. Those single who are about to be married should watch alone (without your future mate) or with a parent. All others are warned NOT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Mature adults: You may relax. There are no immodest images used.

Of the 262 times the number 20 occurs in the Bible, 28 of those refer to men age 20 and older. The day a young man turns 20, he crosses a line of demarcation drawn by God Himself. He immediately ceases to be a boy and becomes a man directly responsible and accountable to God. He then has a responsibility to check what his parents want him to do, not only in relation to clearly stated Biblical truth, but also in relation to what he senses in his spirit God is directing him to do. Parents’ word at any age is to be honored and respected–anything but disdained. But a 20 year old is as directly accountable to God at 20 as he will be at 60. This message discusses the implications of the significance of this truth for parents and single men and women over 20 whether still at home or not.

Running time: 59 minutes
The Power of Secrets Men's Collection The Marriage Collection DVD
Men's Collection
Reg Price: $79.00

Secrets have the potential to greatly bless your life. Secrets build relationships by binding hearts with those with whom you share your secrets. Especially should we share our secrets with God and allow God to share His secrets with us.

But secrets also have the power to bring you into bondage. Walls may be erected by secrets that are kept from mates or parents. Your most dangerous sin is probably your secret sin.

Because sin is a thought before it becomes an action, parents should daily ask children what secret temptations they are facing.

We are all naturally curious to find out secrets, but before you let someone tell you their secrets you need to first make sure you are the one to receive them.

Find here the answers to the following questions:

How can you find out God’s secrets?

How do children keeping secrets destroy godly parenting?

What is the difference between secrets and surprises?

What happens if you tell the wrong person a secret?

How do you know to whom you should tell your secrets?

Should husbands and wives keep secrets from each other?

Should engaged couples keep secrets about past moral failures?

How do secrets and adoption relate to each other?

Running Time: 60 minutes

This is a message I have worked on for 15+ years, which is now available on CD. Click Here to Listen to a Free Preview of this Message (This link is a 6 minute FREE PREVIEW from the message “The Power of Secrets.” I discuss telling children about “the birds and bees” and not keeping adoptions a secret. Please don’t miss hearing this important message!)

The Men's Collection is compiled of the following 6 DVDs:

  1. Key Character Qualities of a Godly Man
  2. How Right Priorities Prevent of Solve Life’s Problems
  3. Strategy for Victory in Spiritual Warfare
  4. Christ, the Husband's Example
  5. Understanding Biblical Leadership
  6. 10 Steps to Victory Over Lust
DVD Set: $79
MP4 Download: $59

The Marriage Collection Set is compiled of the following 11 Messages:

  1. Expectations – the Enemy of Relationships and Gratitude
  2. How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage
  3. Oneness – God’s Goal for Your Marriage
  4. 7 Keys to Unlock Doors of Communication
  5. 12 Reasons for the Permanence of Marriage
  6. Are You a Giver or a Taker?
  7. God’s Weightiest Commands to Husbands/Wives and Parents
  8. How to Treat a Wounded Spirit
  9. The ABC’s of a Happy Marriage
  10. Intimacy in Marriage
  11. The Anatomy of Intimacy
DVD Set: $129
MP4 Flash Drive: $109
MP4 Download: $109