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The 2 Trails in Every Trial
The 2 Trails in Every Trial


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Everyone faces trials. Those trials are meant by a loving God to be a blessing. But trials can only be a blessing if we take the right trail through the trial.

The two possible trails are the “dump trail” or the “delight trail.” The “dump trail” is filled with the garbage of self-pity and pride and anger and vengeance.

The “delight trail” is filled with gold! There is the gold of growth, the gold of patience, and the gold of hope.

Trials eventually end and everyone gives a testimony . When you hear someone’s testimony, you know immediately which trail they took through their trial.

Those who take the wrong trail find themselves destined to take the same trial again, another day, in a different way because they failed the trial. Our loving God cares too much about us to let us go through life not learning what we need to learn.

Running time: 58 minutes

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