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How to Empower Your Pastor (So You Can be a Winner)
How to Empower Your Pastor (So You Can be a Winner)


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After 36 ½ years of ministry, on his last Sunday as their pastor, Dr. S. M. Davis shared with his people key truths he had learned about the office of pastor.

When Israel went to battle against Amalek, Moses stood on the top of the hill with the rod of God in his hands. When he held the rod up, Israel prevailed. When his hands became heavy, Amalek prevailed! The only way that Israel could win was for Aaron and Hur to hold up Moses’ hands when they got heavy.

To empower your Pastor:

1 – Praise God for his position.

2 – Plead for him in prayer.

3 – Prize him for his preaching and his wise counsel.

4 – Pardon his puns!

5 – Profit from him by providing plentifully for him.

6 – Pile on the praise and encouragement.

7 – Protect your family by protecting him.

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