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Exposing the Enticer
Exposing the Enticer


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He’s a very dangerous person, but most people don’t even know he exists. The Bible calls him an “Enticer.” And even those who are aware that he or she exists may not recognize an enticer as being an enticer.

Satan enticed Eve to sin. Delilah enticed Samson. And Jonadab was the cousin who enticed Amnon to attack Tamar.

A preacher, teacher, family member, close friend or boyfriend or girlfriend may be an enticer.

When a person’s own desire to do wrong and an enticer are both present, it’s like gasoline and a match meeting each other.

The enticer is a froward person who operates secretly in the shadows. He uses winsome words to encourage you to be open minded about sin or error.

This message explains the meaning of being “froward” and also gives wisdom to discover, resist and expose “the Enticer.”

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