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The Mistakes Rebels Make
The Mistakes Rebels Make


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Many stories in the Bible deal with the problem of rebellion. But perhaps no other story is as detailed and descriptive as the story of Absalom’s rebellion against his father David. In the final outcome, 20,000 men died along with Absalom. He himself died a frightening death at the hands of General Joab while hanging from the boughs of an oak tree.
Absalom’s story highlights the mistakes rebels make:
  1. The mistake of justifying bitterness.
  2. The mistake of using the rebellion itself as a tool of vengeance.
  3. The mistake of not realizing the massive confusion that accompanies rebellion.
  4. The mistake of not realizing how much they are loved.
  5. The mistake of assuming that friends gotten by deceit will remain loyal.
  6. The mistake of not seeing the end of their rebellion.
  7. The mistake of thinking that life will be fine whether or not you deal with sin.


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Running time: 63 minutes

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