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How to Increase Your Life's Potential
How to Increase Your Life's Potential


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Our physical lives are not totally static, set, and predetermined. If we honor our parents, seek wisdom, keep God's commandments, take care of our bodies, and ask God, He may let us live longer than we would have lived otherwise. God also gives to us the power to enlarge or diminish the impact and potential of our lives. When Jabez asked God to enlarge his coast, "God granted him that which he requested." (1 Chronicles 4:10)

When the children of Israel entered the promised land, they conquered a large portion of land. However, Israel has never conquered as much land as God said she could have. According to Genesis 15:18, Joshua 1:4 and Ezekiel 47, God meant for Israel to have not only her own land, but 1/2 of Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia, 1/3 of Iraq, 1/2 of Syria, and all of Lebanon! Israel was meant by God to have an area of land ten times the size she has now or has ever had! What if Israel had taken all God promised her, and then asked God to enlarge her coast?! This DVD provides 8 things you can do to increase your life potential.

Running time: 66 minutes

“Very Excellent! We've gained so many insights from the messages.”

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